Evening guys, the first real week of 2021 is done, what a fucker it turned out to be! However, let's not let the news bring us down and start how we mean to go on, with a little more positivity! My main focus for the first few months of this new year is to keep these posts coming thick & fast, so tonight I'm back with another killer outfit I want to talk about. I sort of lost my mojo with my blog at the end of last year, so this year I'm setting out to do my best and get it back on track! You may recognise this jumper as I posted a photograph wearing it on Christmas Day, cooking up an absolute storm in the kitchen. However, this jumper definitely deserves more than just one photograph on Instagram - am I right? That's why I wanted to write a small post about it too. It's probably the coolest jumper I own, it definitely tops the Bella Freud already in the wardrobe, so let's find out why!

This is a jumper I've had my eye on for a long time now, I didn't realise how much I'd talked about it, but I obviously had (a lot) as I was super lucky to receive it as a present from my parents, legends! It's the first piece of Zadig&Voltaire I own and I'm very happy with it, I mean, it's a very sexy jumper. I've followed the brand for years, lusting after season after season of clothing, styles for both the guys and girls collections. I think of the brand being like a high end, expensive, exclusive version of The Kooples. Also based in the centre of Paris, oozing that continental feel plus a huge dose of rock & roll magic. ZadigVoltaire in the past have even had the likes of Kate Moss modelling their clothing, this really is a brand you need to see, if you've never checked it already!

My whole black outfit looks legendary in my opinion and is one of the coolest outfits I feel like I've worn in a while. I paired this jumper with my new sexy flares I also got as a Christmas present (thanks Louisa) which complemented the jumper so well, especially as they're equally as black as the woollen jumper itself, it's always hard getting jet black denim, but these babies are perfect! They show an angled silhouette to the leg, their straight lines mirror the jumper on top with its cuts, incisions & oversized boxiness. 

The jumper is super warm made from 100% Woolmark Merino Wool it's very cosy with its large, snug turtleneck and for the keen eyes amongst you, you'll might have also spotted the small thumb holes on either side of the cuffs along with the rib detailing that circles both, as well as the hem of the jumper itself. This ribbing in the fabric stretches up to the middle of the arm, making the jumper fit snuggly in all the right places, the jumper also has ZV knitted into the side panel, a very subtle logo which I only noticed when I filmed my YouTube video! All quite small, subtle details, but I bloody love them!

You can check the jumper out here, I think it came in a handful of colour options but sadly though, they're out of stock. Apologies for teasing you all! However, Zadig&Voltaire have a lot more killer items online which are well worth checking out as well as keeping an eye on for the future! You can check my YouTube video out by clicking below, where you can see the jumper in a little closer detail plus have a catch up with your's truly.

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