Hey guys, welcome back, and let's all say hello to 2021! Tonight I'm kicking off the new year with a vintage jacket I found a few weeks back. The post isn't just about this particular jacket though, it also has inspired me with a lot of fresh ideas and given me much needed motivation to start the new year - pretty good going for just a jacket!

So what's my idea, well, I sort of touched on it this time last year, buying and selling a handful of vintage pieces via my Instagram. However, this year is a whole lot different, I desperately wanted to start the year with a project & since we find ourselves in fucking lockdown again I decided I'd kick the year off on my terms and give myself a personal project. It'll be something I can channel my creative energy and focus into, as we find ourselves in tier four. So with all those idea's in my head he's decided to join Depop. Hopefully this will make it a lot easier for you guys to check out my vintage gems - keep an eye on my brand new account for some epic vintage jackets coming your way very soon - click the link and follow me be the first to see them across on - Depop

I've put a lot of work into sourcing these latest pieces (which I'll show you over the next few weeks). The plan being - to shoot the items in a very individual & creative way, making a small, mini campaign with the collection of pieces I've curated. Vintage is so individual, and damn right cool, not to mention environmentally friendly, reusing clothing rather than buying brand new or throwing away, I've got my hands on everything from leather jackets to suede bikers and everything in-between and all pieces are 10/10, lets hope I'll be able to part with them. For me the best way to start 2021 is by styling, wearing and loving these pieces from the past, so buckle up for a killer year of vintage!

I've always loved vintage and it's always been a big part of my wardrobe, interchanging it with my looks always gives me an edge no one can replicate, giving my outfits a cool & individual look. This year I'm making even more of a conscious effort to buy, wear and sell a lot more killer vintage. I mean take this 70's suede, I couldn't just go out and buy something similar, it's not that easy. This jacket is so unique, cool and it fits me like a dream. Paired with a monotone polka dot shirt and my killer lace up styled jeans from Tigha, this outfit screams seventies rock and roll.

Its belt wrap and awesome western detailing make this jacket quite a statement, it looks sweet worn open and even pretty sexy tied and held shut with the metal buckle. The collar line and opening of this seventies beauty is to die for, over exaggerated and pointed, the cut and lines to this jacket are all perfect. I'll keep you guys in the loop of when I'll be selling some sexy vintage, but for now Happy New Year

Peace & Love,
Let's make 2021 a year where we all ace it!


  1. This jacket looks great, I love the belt buckle. Looking forward to seeing what pieces you have. Here's hoping we both have a successful 2021!