Another year on, of course we have another birthday post! I've just spent the last five or so minutes reading my post from this time last year, fucking hell, depressing or what! We all know by now this particular birthday blog isn't as "Rock N' Roll as the rest of them, it's a better insight into who I actually am and what I actually feel. I guess for me it's a pretty refreshing post to write if I'm being honest, especially when I can read it back to myself in a years time. It's a therapy, I guess.

I'm back and I'm here to pick it up after last years bad times. I always love to share what I'm currently doing when writing this post and this year is no different, well apart from one factor, I'm a lot happier than I was this time last year when writing it, go me! I'm sitting at a table on a train with my girlfriend Louisa by my side, watching the warm, orange glow of the autumnal sun set to one side of me, on our journey up to Scotland. Travelling around 80mph to Glasgow, Glasgow Central to be exact (That's the good one by the way, it means I don't have to drag our HUGE case full of clothes, camera's & let's call it miscellaneous, through the city centre).

We're off back to Glasgow after an elongated weekend of celebrating my birthday with family, very close friends, cooking & eating the best food around, enjoying strong cocktails on many night's out as well as car rides around the countryside and heading ''for BRUNCH" with the boys, we're all getting that little bit older now, well that's what they say, I still think I'm a full on legend! Louisa and I are about to pick the car up from the train station and head back to our super cool flat in the leafy suburb south of the city! Wishes really do come true!

So what about work I hear you say, well . . . work. It's definitely getting better, I mean I've filmed some killer shoots this year. Yeah, I can only count them on one hand, but I'm super proud of them, even though it's a tiny amount, every shoot I created and shot for each client said I smashed it. I know I did, I loved shooting them, loved editing them and fucking loved sharing them. It's what I want to do, I just need more brands, more individuals or business's to hire me and my dream life will come true!

I know my work is edgy and you'd all say rock and roll but I'll tell you, I've filmed everything from women's fashion to ice cream shops this year so i'd say I am versatile when it comes to filming and creating! I actually just got through to the final stages of an interview in Glasgow, with pretty much, sorry the ONLY big fashion brand in the entire city. It turns out, I really thought Scotland would have more to offer in the way of fashion but no. Anyway, I fucked it. I mean zoom or google meets what a joke that is, get me in the office, get me in front of someone, not on an awkward video call half hungover in my kitchen on the desk, no. So yeah, that didn't pay off, which is quite a hit, saying that it wasn't freelance, it wasn't really in the line of fashion I want to work in but it was a good opportunity nevertheless and I know I would have learnt so much there! I was also willing to bend my very strict, structured rules for this videography job this time as I've had so little jobs recently, the bank account hasn't really changed since the previous year! He's actually got nothing left!

I tell you what I have got though! An amazing, HUGELY talented, beautiful girlfriend, who I think the world of and I know who thinks the world of me too. We cook unbelievable meals together, listen to music together, get shout outs on the radio and have a right laugh in one another's company! I don't think I could live without her now, she really has made me see the good in everything, improving every single day by just being herself! Louisa and I actually met for our very first date a few days after my birthday last year (peak lockdown) and have had the best time together ever since! My friends and family are just the same as they always were and will always be my biggest supporters along with being - THE BEST!

I don't want to write a huge essay this year but things are all good, parts of my life have never been so good and parts of my life could always be improved! Work wise my thoughts are positive, even with all the set backs. As soon as I get more of the jobs I have been getting, things will start to pay off. Things are working, all be it, very slowly but I can see it, I can feel it and I'm very confident this time next year, I will have it in the bag.

Tell you what I need to do, is to get my lazy arse running again, so do yourself a favour and get back out there! Also do more meditation, it really does improve EVERYTHING!

Coat - my latest vintage purchase, napped for £10 what a beauty . . /ringmaster outfit!

Cheers for reading, see you next year for another birthday post, now let's get back to some rock n'roll.


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