Evening guys. Are you ready to get full on vintage? I sure am and I have some killer pieces to show you tonight along with an epic YouTube for you to watch too! I bloody love vintage. The thrill of finding an absolute gem in a pile of clothing or hidden in a packed rail is just the best feeling ever! I recently visited Edinburgh, which is one of the best places I've ever been for finding vintage gems. The city centre is just packed with one-off vintage emporiums, full of topnotch pieces.

I found all three of the items I'm showing you tonight in one of the many Armstrongs Vintage emporiums. I think they have three shops scattered around the centre of Edinburgh, which are all well worth checking out if you ever visit! The western shirt was the first I spotted, its a girls style but in my book, a shirt is a shirt. If you can pull it off and more importantly if it fits, you got to get it! I love the print of this shirt, the horseshoe motif is just full on western, as well as the brown twisted rope tying them all together, it's all round epic.

Next up we have the green leather bomber and I'll let you into a secret - I've always hated these. I've never liked the whole elastic sleeve cuffs and hem line on any jacket, especially a bomber but as you can see, with me now sporting this deep green leather, an exception HAD to be made. I love everything about it, from its aged green leather, tarnished and cracked. To the chunky dark forest colour zip it has up the middle and how all the panel's are cut perfectly so yeah, I guess the elastic hems too!

I dressed this on top of a simple white shirt. Threw over a tiger print scarf for an added small detail and rocked some simple black skinnies. I think this makes for an epic vintage look, all centred around the jacket which I think is cool as fuck.

Last but not least, we have the coolest suede I have seen in a long time. Yes these shots were taken in the same location as the shirt. I wore both of them in an outfit together - two birds & all that! This suede on top of the western shirt worked like a dream, both complementing one another and looking super cool. When we found it in one of the vintage stores, I was actually already checking out the fit of the green bomber in the mirror when my girlfriend Louisa pulled this banger from the middle of the rail, turning to me and saying "You gotta get this one too" she was right, I couldn't leave without it, it was mine.

The mix of brown leather & suede on the jacket makes for an incredible pairing, something you'd see the likes of Saint Laurent designing today. This I guess is what I like to look for in vintage shops, that's when I know I've struck gold. I look for those pieces that you'd lust after on the SLP catwalk. For instance this weekend back home I picked up a full length wool coat in a ruby red colour with a black velour collar for £10 but that's a whole new post in itself, you'll have to stay tuned for that one!

I hope you liked the pieces I picked up in Edinburgh, as I say it's the top of my to do when I visit the city, make sure when you visit you have a long list of vintage shops to check out, you won't be disappointed! Louisa & myself do have a lot of super cool vintage items we've being collecting over the past few months plus a handful I've had in my wardrobe for years which we are planning on selling over the next few weeks on Instagram and Depop, so if you want to get yourself an epic piece, bare with us! It's guys & girls by the way!

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