A few years ago it was pretty impossible to find a shirt with a large polka dot print. I remember this because I looked everywhere for such a long time, but after a fruitless search I had to settle on buying one from Topshop. I got it in a bigger size than normal, and then had it tailored to fit me. Thankfully polka dot shirts now seem easier to come by. For instance this killer one from All Saints.

I spotted (no pun intended) this shirt out the corner of my eye, as I was passing the store. It was being worn by one of the mannequins at the entrance. Straight away it caught my attention. It looked super cool, so I had to go in and give it a try on. With it’s slim fit and large polka dot motif, it was perfect. I’ve been looking for a black polka dot shirt for so long, as the one I had previously found in Topshop was more of a temporary signing, but still served me well.

As soon as I tried it on, I knew it was coming home with me. Just thinking about all the outfits I could style it with, the shirt would even look good on it's own, but sadly it's still WAY too cold for that! They also stock this shirt in a Burgundy colour, with black polka dots, but I don't think anything can beat a classic black and white monochrome pattern. Very rock and roll! It’s the first piece I’ve bought since leaving All Saints, so sadly no discount this time!

I bought the shirt in small, as I like the tailored look. I'm just over six foot so it fits just right. I wore this for the first time, without even noticing the subtle heart motif throughout the print of the shirt. It only came to my attention when I was folding it away, when I noticed a polka dot in the seam of the cuff looked like a little heart. But then I began to notice them every now and then throughout the pattern. It’s a shirt that keeps on giving, I really like the secret heart design, it's a nice little touch. Especially as I missed it the first time!

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