Jacket: The Kooples, T-shirt: Levi, Jeans: All Saints, Belt: The Kooples, Hat: Drizabone
I’m writing this blog post as I speak in Brew Dog Manchester, it’s just gone half past two and the bar is already rammed! Lydia and I have just left each other after a drink and an awesome afternoon shooting. We took the photographs around some of the coolest places in Manchester. We made our way from the train station to The Northern Quarter, which has an air of cool about it. It felt like Manchester's equivalent to Brick Lane, artwork plastered everywhere and large pieces of graffiti filling every bare wall. We walked around the photogenic location for a hour or so, chatting and taking some snaps, here are a selection we managed to get.

The buildings in the city are amazing, they have so much character, from the large intimidating red brick factories of the 1900’s, to the old library’s & museums dotted around the city centre. All linked by narrow lanes running in between the buildings. We (or should I say Lydia) scouted out the coolest places in town, she knew exactly where to go to get the best shots. I on the other hand, was just following her foot steps, not having that much of an idea where I was. 

Jacket: The Kooples, T-shirt All Saints, Boots: The Kooples

I’d not been in Manchester since a very blurry stag the year before, by the time we all travelled down to Manchester the gin had already taken it’s effect. So it was nice to look around the city with more of a clear mind. Manchester is full of bistro coffee bars and independent fashion shops, it’s got a really cool mix that is sure to suit anyone’s tastes. Manchester’s bar and club scene is also very cool, not to mention the shopping but sadly today I didn't have time on my side to sample any of those delights.

Jacket: The Kooples, Scarf: The Kooples

However you have to fit a beer in somewhere, it’s a rule of mine. So I currently find myself in Brew Dog with a delicious pint by my side while I write up this blog. I’m thinking a little food too, the Chicago chilli dog has already caught my attention on the menu! But before I get my train back up North, I want to drop into Piccadilly records & Vinyl exchange, both on Oldham Street to browse their catalogue and hopefully pick up a super cool album. After a whistle stop tour of Manchester, I'm now on my return journey back home, with the new XX vinyl in hand, after a great day exploring the city and working with a really talented photographer. RESULT! I hope you like the shots! Check out her website Lydia Maycock Photography.


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