Hello, I’m writing this blog the morning after going to see one of my favourite bands. White Lies played Newcastle O2 last night and they were amazing, as always! I’m still on the come down after seeing my favourite band live! Well, it’s either that or the hangover, I’m not sure which one yet.

I started my pre gig routine yesterday afternoon by listening to their latest album “Friends” whilst working on my blog. Getting myself hyped for the gig, and brushing up on the odd lyric here and there. White Lies are the band I’ve been to see the most over the years. It was my seventh time last night. Every album they've released, since their first back in 2009 is so bloody good. If you've not heard of them, they’re well worth checking out. I’ve linked my Spotify below, where you can give them a listen, the band feature on pretty much all my playlists. If you’re a fan you might still be lucky enough to catch them on the remainder of their U.K tour, or at a festival this summer. The last time I saw the band was in Leeds, back in November. At the time, I didn't know they were going to add more dates to their tour, one being Newcastle, you live you learn.

We made it into Newcastle quite early last night, we headed straight to one of my favourite pubs, The Town Wall. The Wall is good for everything, from quenching your thirst with a few beers or grabbing a bite to eat, it has it all. Leather wing back chairs, to a cosy atmosphere which is the ideal spot to chill out with friends. After that we then headed across to The Forth, which is another good pub just opposite.

The Town Wall and the Forth are super close to the venue, only a short walk away. We arrived at the O2 and headed straight in, nabbing a sweet position, in the centre of the crowd and caught up with a few pals too.

This was the first show back home in the U.K for White Lies after the American leg of their tour. They came out on stage with a new sense of attitude, and put on a mesmerising performance! Harry McVeigh (the lead singer) has such haunting vocals; deep, powerful and moving. With every song the band played, the floor and the walls of the venue shook with the bass of the guitars. Harry’s voice thundered over the music, coupled with the amazing light show, the band were on fire.

As I mentioned, this was the seventh time I’ve seen the band perform live, and again last night, they didn't disappoint. I sung along to pretty much every song, (which has left me with the classic post gig croaky voice). They played all my favourite songs, plus a few new additions they didn't play back in November, so the show was a little different too!

I’ve made a little video of the night I’ll put on soon.
Here’s a link to my playlist on Spotify for you to listen along.


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