My first big milestone! I can't believe I'm FIFTY posts in! I decided to start my little blog back in February, during a time when everything wasn't going my way. I was getting really down about job prospects and decided to risk all, and start my blog.

What an adventure I've had so far! I've loved every second of planning and writing new, interesting posts to share with you all. Hopefully, you've enjoyed reading them too!

This blog, to me, is everything I'm passionate about. Style, fashion & travel are all so close to my heart, so contributing every day and making something I'm proud of is the best feeling ever!

I however, would find it hard to do any of this if it wasn't for people like you, taking the time to read what I have to say, or watching me on my YouTube videos. So I have to say a massive thank you to you all! Plus a big shout to the handful of brands so far that have taken a chance on me being relatively new in the blogging world.

I remember and still sometimes think about how risky this all is, sharing my opinions on style and wondering if anyone is actually interested? But every time I get a nice comment or nod in my direction, I know I'm doing the right thing. I want to make this blog a success, I'm passionate, driven and still get super excited every time I get to share one of my posts with you. I'm so grateful you all still check in to see and hear what I have to say.

In this 50th post, I thought I'd let you all get to know me a little better with fifty facts about me, so here we go. This is the list, however, if you want to see and hear the facts in a little more detail & involving A LOT more hand movements watch it across on my YouTube channel here.

1. Not going to say my real name.

2. I'm 25 years old.

3. Currently single, ladies.

4. Favourite food has to be the classic Sunday lunch.

5. Short hair doesn't suit me.

6. I'm 6.1.

7. Favourite band is White Lies.

8. I love the smell of oranges, orange is also my favourite colour.

9. I only drink bottled water, sorry tap water, you're just not good enough.

10. My killer dance move is the limbo, I know I can go lower than you can.

11. I'm addicted to Ribena.

12. I wear hats WAY too much.

13. I never chose the Uni route but studied Art, Fashion and Photography at college.

14. My go to store on the high street has to be either The Kooples or All Saints. I'm also a huge fan of YSL, a guy can dream, right?

15. If I had a pound for every time someone said I look like Russell Brand, James Bay or Johnny Depp I'd have quite a lot of money, saying that they're worse people you can be compared to.

16. I have two tattoo's, one is a cats eye to remember my cat Jack I had for 18 years. The other tattoo is the words 'ninety-nine' this was for my Nan as we used to love getting ice cream together, hence the ninety-nine.

17. I love my cars, I've owned my classic MG 'Oliver' for six years. Oliver is 40 years old next year!

18. Interstellar has to be one of my favourite films of all time, if you've yet to watch it, now is the time.

19. Massive fan of a conspiracy theory, I could talk for hours about all my favourites.

20. I've been struck by lightning, still yet to find out what super power I possess.

21. I can't touch peaches, they're my kryptonite! Even thinking about the skin of a peach sends shivers down my spine.

22. If I'm in the house my hair is always up in a top knot.

23. The only scar I have is on my hand, cut by a falling hanging basket, rock & roll ey!

24. An Indian meal hands down is my favourite takeaway, it also has to be done properly with poppadoms, pickle, onion bhaji and my main dish being a beef bhuna. Totally Smithy style, sorry I don't share!

25. I don't own any shorts. Shorts for me are just a no. My legs haven't seen the sun in England since 2005.

26. The best car I ever drove has to be a friend's Ferrari Scuderia from a race track in Darlington back to Newcastle, the best drive of my life . . .  so far!

27. I was on Top Of The Pops in 2014* in the audience.

28. Palm Springs is my favourite place in the world.

29. My favourite bar is called Peppy & Anna's in Menorca.

30. Biker jacket & skinny jeans two items I could not live without, or hairspray, hairspray is my saviour. 

31. Style icons, Pizzorno, Brand, Richards.

32. The aftershave I always wear is Sauvage by Dior.

33. Best set I've ever seen is Chvrches at Coachella just when the sun was setting. I was crying behind my sunglasses.

34. I've been in a helicopter which I surprised my Dad with while we were out in LA.

35. I once drank every beer on all four boards in my local Brew Dog.

36.  My hangovers are the worst!

37. I get stopped in airports EVERY TIME, no matter where or when I always get 'randomly selected'. It's not a holiday if I've not been in the full body scanner!

38. Favourite TV programme ever has to be either Only Fools and Horses or Faulty Towers. Classic TV!

39. My favourite road in the world is route 111 to the left of Salton Sea in California. It's actually like a film set. A crystal blue lake, a single stretch of tarmac, a train track following the road, the desert, the mountains. All under the heat of the Californian sun.

40. The only G.C.S.E I failed in was Maths, I am rubbish! Don't worry, I got it in the end.

41. I love a pair of Cuban heels. This was the only number I missed out on my YouTube video. (Right after saying I passed maths) TYPICAL!

42. I'm a skier, first learnt how to ski in school when I was fourteen.

43. Favourite beer: Beer.

44. I go to the beach at least once a week, living a five-minute drive away is always good. To get out the house, explore and think.

45. Most embarrassing moment so far in life was when I was sick on a train to work. Full horrible story across on my YouTube channel.

46. I love anything weather related, thunderstorms, extreme weather and my favourite SNOW.

47. I'm a huge fan of the occasional cigar, has to be a special occasion though.

48. Dream classic car is the Jaguar XK120.

49. I'm a pretty good cook.

50. My dream job would be doing exactly this, (but earning a living) I'm still trying my very hardest with my blog and I know my patience and hard work will get me somewhere, I have confidence in myself. I love taking photographs, I love writing and I love meeting new people. Doing this as a job would be amazing!


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