I love a Breton stripe, I've always hoarded a large selection of jumpers and t-shirts, with the classic striped pattern in my wardrobe. The Breton stripe comes back around every summer, over the years I've worked in retail, I subconsciously stockpiled this pattern, and I've now ended up with a lot of pretty much the same style of top! The striped Breton pattern has been around since the 27th March 1858 (very exact I know). This pattern hasn't changed one bit since the French introduced the iconic blue and white striped knitted shirt, as the uniform for their Navy. It has become an instantly recognisable, statement piece in pretty much everyone's wardrobe. 

However, my love affair with Breton didn't stop. Every now and again, I go back to my faithful stripe. If you don't own a Breton piece in your wardrobe, I've picked out three t-shirts to inspire you to give the classic stripe ago.

The first Breton striped t-shirt I'm going to talk about is possibly my favourite. I found this tee online at H&M. It's made from 100% cotton, it's thick, and has a real good quality feel to the fabric. The T-shirt comes with a small pocket on the right-hand side, which is a nice detail. It's a long sleeved design and is very comfortable to wear. I bought this tee in a small. As you can see this particular Breton stripe is reversed, which gives the tee a twist and makes it stand out from the many I already own. This shirt is also the cheapest of the bunch coming in at very affordable £14.99.

Shop the H&M Long sleeve t-shirt here.

Moving onto my second choice from Topman's 'finds collection'. The collection is made up of vintage pieces which have been remastered. This classic style Breton is made in the U.K, but sadly it isn't the best quality. The stripe pattern has only been printed onto the exterior of the t-shirt, whereas the other two have the same print on the inside. I wanted to still mention this top, as it shows spending more money on a garment, doesn't always mean quality. I was so disappointed when this tee arrived, especially when I compared it to the other two tees. I got this in a small, the fit, however, is very oversized, don't get me wrong it looks okay on, but sadly it's not worth the money and I'll be sending this one back.

View Topman Long sleeve t-shirt here, let me know your thoughts on it.

Last but not least is this 3/4 length sleeve t-shirt I bought from All Saints. This is the most expensive of the bunch costing £50. You always know you're getting something good when it comes to A.S, and this t-shirt certainly does not disappoint. I especially like how the Breton stripe only covers the middle of the body, leaving a solid white band around the top and bottom of the shirt. If you look closely the Breton stripe only starts and ends where the sleeve is. Nice touch!

I always think a blue striped Breton tee looks super cool under a casual denim jacket. Hence me wearing one. It just gives off that laid-back summer style. This t-shirt also comes in the reverse pattern, similar to the H&M shirt. To shop the All Saints 3/4 sleeve t-shirt click here.

Like I mentioned, I've always loved the Breton design, and I will forever hoard it in my wardrobe. The pattern has that nautical vibe, and will always remain a firm favourite of mine in the Summer months. You cannot go wrong with a classic Breton tee, paired with shorts on holiday, or even a denim jacket. It will forever look cool in my opinion.


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