This is something even I struggle with, making white jeans look good is a minefield! In this post, I'm going to give you some tips & tricks on styling white jeans. White jeans can look a little 'out there' at times but when worn correctly they can really work! I only ever wear white jeans in the summer, a lighter denim in the warmer months or on holiday is always a welcome change to my classic pair of go-to black skinny's.

White jeans are always a holiday essential of mine. White denim, in my opinion, looks the best styled with sandals. This look always seems to work. Black or brown sandals go well with a pair of white denim jeans. I go by the rule of, if your feet are on show, white jeans immediately work. I don't know what it is, but believe me, it's my biggest tip! A little skin on show softens the outfit to the eye, especially the foot to leg.

Brown is your friend. Boots or shoes are a go. This is the only colour shoe in my opinion that complement white jeans. If you stick to a brown suede or leather you'll always find a good match. When I wear white jeans with brown shoes, I always try to mirror the shade of brown on the top. Either being a jacket or an accessory, this way the two items complement one another and make for a great outfit.

A deck shoe or loafer will also work with a pair of white skinny's. Again this open fronted shoe exposes the bridge of your foot and makes the jeans work. Take these loafers from Topman, brown suede with tassel detail, these shoes are a match made in heaven with any white skinny jean. Another tip I want to share is colour co-ordination, (not perfect colour co-ordination) Never do that! Just stick to the general rule of darker shoes darker shirt, vice versa.

I'd never wear white denim with black shoes, I know a lot of people do and I can't stand it! In my opinion, it never looks right! I love my collection of black shoes, Chelsea boots, cowboy boots and even my Cuban heels, but teaming any of them with white denim never works for me. 

The number one faux pas is obviously wearing double white. This may seem obvious, but I've seen a lot of people do it. Believe me this isn't a good look! If you're going to wear white skinny's, always chose a different colour on top. It's a given! The last thing you ever want to do is to dress completely in white. Jesus being the exception to the rule*.

I'd love to know what you think of white denim jeans, is it a go or a no? I've also featured white skinny jeans across on my YouTube channel, click here to check my video out.

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  1. Might be my favorite post so far from you! Now if I could only keep my white jeans clean for more than a hour lol.

    Matthew |

  2. Cheers Matthew! I know, tell me about it, after shooting those photographs they've gone straight in the wash! l've just checked your blog out too, it's awesome!

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