Hey guys, hope you're all good! Tonight's post is one which should have gone up weeks ago, so apologies on that. Basically, to cut the long story short, I had a huge problem with this shirt being delivered. However, after two "attempted" deliveries I finally have my hands on it, meaning I can feature it here across on my blog. You know what they say, third time lucky right?

So here it is, as you can see it has a wild snakeskin print to it, which surprise surprise, I love! I first spotted this shirt on a friend at work, it just looked so bloody cool that I had to ask where he'd got it from! It's from womenswear brand Missguided, which is somewhere I've never thought about looking for shirting before. If you are however as addicted to animal print as I am, I'd strongly recommend checking out their range of killer patterns. 

I bought this shirt in a size eight which is an equivalent to a small in men's sizes, the fit is great, the only very small complaint I have is that the shirt is slightly tight under the arms, but that's not enough to put me off! I decided to wear the shirt open, which is a little different to how I would normally wear a shirt like this, but I think this way looks equally as cool. I styled it over a plain white t-shirt, sleeves rolled up to achieve that laid back look and all brought together with my other classic pieces.

The final fact I have about this shirt is probably the best - it's a total steal! It's only £15 and Missguided also offer a 20% student discount, so if you can get your hands on a promo code you can pick this shirt up for £12, bargain!

Overall this shirt is killer. The print, the material and the look is exactly what I normally go for. You really can't beat python print or any form of animal print on a shirt, it just looks so drop dead cool! Hopefully I've given you some inspiration and shown you all how to transform this python piece into a more summery look. Even though it is of course a woman's shirt, with the right accessories and styling, it can be worn just as good by men.

I have a short YouTube video tonight showing you the shirt in more detail, it would be awesome if you could check it out! Just click the video link below.

Check the shirt out by clicking here.


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