Hello guys! Well what can I say, over the past two weeks I've been well and truly rubbish at blogging! It's been a mix of a few things to be honest, orders not turning up, me being super lazy and I guess me feeling like my creative spark hasn't been as bright as it usually is. The conclusion I've drawn from all this is, I blame it fully on the heat!

Manchester has been ridiculously hot over the past fortnight so I've being unusually bad at keeping my posts up on my blog and even my Instagram! I can tell you now as I am writing this (Friday night) it's dark, rainy and a lot cooler than it has been recently and I'm actually quite happy about it! I've sort of missed this classic British weather!

Thankfully, you'll be glad to know there's a post tonight! I mean, you know there is, your reading it now. So, before I start, I have to say a big thank you, to you, for coming back and checking in on my blog! So lets go, tonight's post, well, how can I put it, I've just bought a very sexy pair of boots!

I've not shopped in All Saints since I worked there all those years ago! Meaning when I do, it's normally in the sale. Buying something full price has sort of lost it's shine when a few years ago I could pick whatever I wanted for 50% off! Purchases from All Saints are now sadly getting further and further between, but as the sale has now gone to 50% with a further 20% off I could not resist!

Cue the sexy boots.

This is the All Saints Curtis boot and what a beautiful boot it is! I can't remember the last time A.S did a Chelsea boot but they've certainly done a good job with these beauties! The polished black boot has an eye catching detail of individual strips of leather stitched onto the flexible elastic ankle cuff, giving your foot an easy way in and out. I love A.S boots, they've seen me through years of my life always getting me a lot of compliments along the way. I know I'll be able to say the same about these boots in a few years time!

The sole of the boot is also made from 100% leather as pretty much all A.S boots are. I always love the sole of an All Saints boot, it just looks and feels quality, you can always tell how good a particular boot is, when you flip it over and look at its sole. this boot has a polished, smooth, well crafted sole with small nails and pins holding the very sexy boot on top of its counterpart. It's a beautifully formed, shaped and designed Chelsea boot, as soon as I locked eyes on these gorgeous boots, I knew I had to have them!

The Curtis boot has a slimline toe to it, meaning the boot narrows to a point. It's your classic ankle boot which fits like a dream. If you can't get your size online, (neither could I), I'd strongly recommend heading to your local store and checking for your size there as well as hunting through the rest of their epic sale!

Shop the boot across on All Saints by clicking here. 
I'd also love to know your favourite piece you've picked up in the sales this month on the high street or online. You can also check out this weeks YouTube, where I give you a closer look at the boots and a classic weekly catch up. Check it out now by clicking the link below.


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