This is a jewellery brand I've been wanting to feature across on my blog for a very long time now. You all know how addicted I am to jewellery, so this is pretty much my perfect post! Today I'll be talking to you all about a brand called July Child, which so happens to be based right here in Manchester.

Jewellery is one of the best ways of expressing yourself, my mantra has always been that, jewellery can elevate any outfit and raise it to a new level of cool. Owner of July Child, Sinead Flood, shares this belief too. I know Sinead personally and I know she shares the same passion and love for jewellery as I do.

Sinead states on her website that 'jewellery is an expression of who you are. It’s a similar form of expression as a tattoo'. I've always thought of jewellery in this way too, the special way in which jewellery can be very personal and can often hold a sentimental meaning and intriguing narrative behind each piece. The memories attached to special pieces of jewellery can evoke thoughts of certain people or places, making it treasured and unique.

July Child's jewellery range can be viewed online. It's website is filled with a carefully curated group of global jewellery designers, from New York to New Zealand. If you're intrigued to discover a selection of off-the-grid cult designers, I strongly recommend you check July Child out (after reading this post, obviously).

I've been lucky enough to get my hands on a few of my favourite pieces from the brand, so with that said, lets get a closer look at some of the jewellery that caught my eye. I can tell you now, I chose all the pieces in the same colour - silver, which is one of my main rules when it comes to jewellery.

This is one of my favourite pieces I wanted to share with you all, it's called the La Luna necklace. It's a very detailed handcrafted silver crescent moon made by Molina Jewellery. It's a quality piece, as are all of the treasures stocked by July Child. This particular necklace and beaded chain are both made from sterling silver. I wore my star print Asos shirt whilst shooting this post, I really think this necklace couldn't have gone any better with my outfit.  

I was pretty lucky to be given the opportunity to feature so many pieces from July Child, but this next one is another I couldn't wait to see in real life, as it looked so good online. This tiny pinky ring is so fine and detailed, and what makes it even better is that it's adjustable. Meaning whatever size your fingers are, it'll fit great!

Last but not least we have this killer necklace which was kindly gifted by Sinead herself. I bloody love this piece, the Abuela's Lucky Coin. It's right up my street and sits perfectly with my other silver necklaces. I'm also going to take all the luck it brings my way!

You can shop all of the necklaces I've featured today, plus the awesome little "Give Yourself A Hand" ring across on Sinead's website July Child now and also check out this weeks YouTube video to find out more.

Photographs by CJ Carpenter.


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