Alright guys, hope you all had a great weekend! Tonight's post features the first item I've picked up in the January sales. It's this sweet, grey zebra jumper that I am loving. I've been needing more knitwear in my wardrobe for a while now and this on trend yet super cool print jumper was just the piece I've been looking for.

Trying to find a warm yet comfortable jumper that looks cool and obviously fits with my whole style and ensemble is pretty hard to get hold of. However, as soon as I found this in the TRF section of Zara I knew I needed it! The TRF sub-brand of the high street store is actually targeted more to the younger end of their female audience, but as you can see has some serious style when worn by the opposite (and older) sex.

Obviously I paired it with a leather, but I'm not here tonight to talk about that, this post is all about the jumper! The black and grey zebra pattern looks killer as well as looking a lot more expensive than it actually is. I picked up this piece for a steal at £12.99!

The slight downside which I've also mentioned over on my YouTube video is that the sleeves are quite a strange cut. As you can see I've folded and rolled both sleeves to get a length more fitted to my size, as originally they're more of a three quarter length design.

I added a few details to this look including a silver chain on my jeans which I've worn in a few outfits of late but now I'm finding it hard to leave the house without it! I really like this chain and I think you'll be seeing a lot more of them this year. If you haven't got yourself one already, I'd get out there and put yourself one step ahead of the game.

Necklaces also played a sweet little roll in this outfit too, I wore a handful of my newer silver chains, one which I picked up just the other week. I've been wanting to wear this ring for a while but have only just found a chain I like, the other antique and of course the main statement piece, Tant D'Avenir Paris, which was another gift I was lucky enough to get for Christmas. How cool is that hand though!?

Wearing this jumper under a jacket of any kind is the main purpose I bought it, the sleeves are a slight downside but as you can see are fixable when styling the jumper into your outfit. I really like the jumpers style and pattern and wanted to highlight again how items you can pick up from the women side of the store can be easily integrated into your wardrobe and style!

I'd love to know if you've picked up anything killer in the January sales, especially knitwear, a few more pieces are still on my list!

Check the jumper out here - TRF Zara Jumper

Also head across to my YouTube and watch my latest video which features this jumper and my Judd Biker from All Saints!

Cheers and I'll catch you all next week,


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