Hello, tonight I want to share a brand both Chloe and I decided to go to (without telling one other) for our Christmas presents last year. I guess great minds think alike! Still, I couldn't believe when we both opened our presents, we'd picked something from the exact same brand! How weird is that! Since we both got each other killer accessories from the same brand, that automatically means we had to do a joint shoot - right? Of course it did. The brand I'm talking about tonight is London based Rockins.

Rockins has always been a brand that I've known and loved, but sadly not owned anything from. That's all changed now as Chloe got me this amazing red lip motif bandanna. The brand is all about that rock & roll style with celebrity clients who wear their creations for instance Keith Richards, Kate Moss and Rod Stuart to name a few all have their very own Rockins scarfs. The brand started in 2014 and sky rocketed to fame by their killer range of bullet scarfs (skinny scarfs) which now the brand is recognised for, as well as branching out and creating a lot more vintage inspired pieces!

As you can see their simple bandanna is such a cool and versatile piece, you really can wear it in so many different ways! Their pieces are made from the finest quality materials and feature individual prints including paisley, rock and roll iconography and an eclectic blend of nostalgia and striking graphics.

The collections and prints really do look like something straight out the seventies! Even the way the items are packaged is amazing, my Lip Paisley bandanna came in a vinyl sleeve and Chloes' Stardiags Scarf came all wrapped in an old C.D case with a sweet little Rockins graphic on the front. How cool is that!

I decided to go full on seventies for the shoot, wearing flares and one of Chloe's super cool satin shirts. I agree, it is a big look, but I wanted to create an outfit which reflected Rockins as a brand, as they now make a lot more than just their core range of accessories. This week my YouTube features a look across on their website, where you can see my top picks of what Rockins now create, plus a chatty catch up with your's truly.

If you've not checked out Rockins I totally recommend you go check their killer pieces out across on their website (linked below). Both Chloe's scarf and my bandanna are both made from crepe de chine which is a silk and the quality of the pieces are great! I always wear skinny scarves and bandanna's as I love the added detail they give to a look. Rockins have aced it and are my new favourite brand for accessories. Click the link below to check their website and my YouTube.

Photographs by Holly Elizabeth
Check out more about Rockin's by clicking here.


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