Evening all, welcome back after a week away from my blog. Seriously though, how is January still not over? I keep on asking myself that exact question over and over again, believe me! It has however, been a very productive month so far, especially over the last week! You may have seen my Instagram last Sunday where instead of a post, I gave you all a sneak peak of what my girlfriend and I have been working on - BOYGIRL. If you did miss it, we're currently in the process of making a photography and videography agency, setting our sights high, because why the hell not! I'll talk a lot more about it soon, but for now here's a sexy little jacket I picked up last week.

As you can imagine, working Monday - Thursday 9-5, trying to organise and plan a new venture plus blogging . . . as well trying my best to fit in the occasional pint in here and there - is quite a task, but this weekend, despite attending a wedding, I promised myself I wasn't going to miss a post. This month I've only picked up two sale items, the first piece was my Zebra Jumper I showed you all a few weeks back and the second one, you've guessed it already, is this killer blazer.

So let's get chatting, what do you all think of it? I know it's a very strong, standout piece, but I know it's going to be a total uber cool addition to my wardrobe. I remember seeing a photograph last year of a guy sporting a white fitted blazer over a leopard print shirt and since seeing that image I've been on the hunt for a similar piece myself. Finally, I have it!

Obviously the coolest part of this blazer has to be the contrasting pointed lapels, this is what makes this tailored piece bang, just look at those sharp angles! The suit jacket reminds me of a Saint Laurent design I saw back in 2015, especially when clashed with an animal print, it just looks drop dead cool. 

Yes, I agree, it maybe more of a summer piece but that's the best bit about the sales, buy now, put in wardrobe, forget about, then rediscover and rock it a few months down the line. Well, that's my plan anyway! I want to wear this in a relaxed, care free, laid back way. As you can see I've paired it with a leopard print shirt here, giving it that rock and roll vibe, but on a summers night, hopefully somewhere hot, even with (do I dare say it) some white skinny jeans to match, this suit jacket will look damn cool.

The best part is, this jacket is now £20, what a bargain! I found this, again, across on Zara's website and just had to buy it there and then. I've linked the suit jacket below so you can head across yourself and check it out. I got the jacket in a 36, it's not as tight on the arms as I'd normally go for however, for £20, the style you can achieve with this blazer is definitely worth it.

Check the jacket out by clicking here.

This weeks YouTube is below, click to check it out and take a closer look at the suit jacket.


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