Well, after six months of moving in I've finally got around to showing you all my (not so new) flat. So, here it is in all it's glory! To be honest with you, its only just over the last couple of months I've managed to put my own little mark on things, as when I first moved in my room didn't really have that much personality at all.

This post has come at a good time as this week in Manchester, like pretty much the rest of the country, its been freezing cold and snowing. As you can probably imagine, freezing my arse off outside taking photographs wasn't the top of my to-do list, cue a toasty shoot inside, listening to some old vinyl in my bedroom. That's a way better option, right?!

If you can remember back to my first room post, where I was bang centre of the Northern Quarter, I've happily only moved around the corner from flat number one. I remember back in the summer, I carried all my possessions and plants around to my new flat, granted it took about sixteen trips, but after that, I was in!

I know this flat doesn't have an old, cool, exposed brick wall but nevertheless, I think it looks pretty damn cool. The vinyl player and speaker system is rightfully central in the centre of my new room. It has and will always have the prime position and was the first thing I set up when I moved in. Soon as you get some music on, you start to feel at home. 

I've been to a lot of antique, second hand and charity shops recently and I can tell you now, I've found the coolest stuff around, not to mention picking it up for a bargain price. A few of my finds are on this table, including the actual table! I love spending my weekends (when I'm not shooting) looking around old shops, trying to pick a few things up for my room with my girlfriend, its gotten to be quite the tradition.

As you can probably gather, candles also play a big part in my room. I just love the light you get from a candle, the flickering, smell and of course, the wax. The newest additions to the table in-fact are my twisted gold candle sticks. I think I've picked up some killer pieces over the last few months and can't wait to find more!

Greenery is always a must in any room of mine, I have a lot of plants in my room including a simple ivy and a handful of succulents. I've always loved plants and having them in my everyday surroundings always seems to improve my mood and the look of any room.

I own a lot of sentimental items, which either tell a story, reminds me of someone in-particular or holds a special place in my heart. It's all about the little things, I love collecting those kinds of pieces. Take my vintage American flag I have over my bed, the small frames of Keith and Mick which I was given for Christmas, plus the new addition, my neon lightening bolt, I love them all. You may also be able to spy a drawing of a Chinese man wearing a hat, that in-fact is portrait drawn by Chloe herself! (its me, if the hat didn't give it away)! 

Overall, I'm making my room more me with every week that passes. I love keeping those special things close to me that mean the most. Lets just hope the next time I move, I won't leave it such a long time before showing you all what's on the other side of the door.



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