Evening guys, how are you all tonight? This fine Sunday I've got a more smarter, non black outfit to show you all. A lot of brands have now released some of their SS19 collections and one (or should I say two) piece from The Kooples took my eye. It was this amazing brown suit and trousers combo pictured below.

The Kooples SS19 suit
You know I love The Kooples, but parting with £630 was something I couldn't justify, as well as not being able to afford. Don't get me wrong, it looks amazing and the materials The Kooples use are always the best quality, but I had to pass this time. I don't normally shop full price, I always try to wait off until the sales start, that's where I pick up a lot of my pieces. In this case, I've gone out there to try and replicate their classic style.

A new suit has been in the back of my mind for a while now, every time I do a spot of internet shopping, I always have a quick scan at the suit section. My search wasn't going so well, right up until I found this beauty - I couldn't believe my luck! I somehow came across virtually the exact suit The Kooples had on their website for a whole lot less!

The suit I found was also styled in a similar way to how The Kooples did it. A classic white crew-neck worn underneath the blazer to give a more relaxed, low key look. The downside to both suits was that they both coupled it with a pair of white chunky "in trend" trainers... No thanks! I took the inspiration of the white tee but obviously changed the chunky trainers for a trusty black boot.

I've not told you all where I found this killer suit or in-fact how much it was, so lets cut to the chase. I came across the suit on Asos and get this, it was a snip of The Kooples price at £150 for both the trousers and the blazer.

The suit is made by a Swedish brand called Nöak and I personally think it looks epic. I bought the blazer in a 36'' chest, as I like the tailored and fitted look, and the trousers were a 28''-30''. I went down the very minimal route with my jewellery this time, only wearing a single statement piece from my favourite brand Tant D'Avenir Paris.

All the links to the suits are below, as is this weeks YouTube video where I show you the suit in detail. I'd love to know your opinions on the suit, so either comment below or across on my YouTube channel. As this time, I think high street has pulled it out the bag.

Watch my YouTube by clicking below.

Click here to check the Asos (Noak) suit out.
Click here to see The Kooples.



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