Hello guys, hope you're all good. Tonight I'm showing you this killer bowling shirt I actually picked up on Asos last week (which is now stocking Topman by the way). I wouldn't normally go for something like this because of the colour, but since the weather has been remarkably different here I thought why not do the same and change up that classic colour palette of mine!

Without further ado, here's me in a light shade of pink - yeah you read right, pink! To be honest, I quite like rocking this new colour and after all, you don't get weather like we've had over the past week very often, especially in Manchester! This bowling shirt with a Cuban collar is the perfect remedy I needed for that hot, sticky weather we all had last week.

Since it was that warm I didn't even shoot with my trusty hat on, the hair as you can see was swept back. I also wore the shirt open with a black tee. I paired it with my purple lens glasses and decided on rolling the contrasting black sleeves of the shirt up a few inch's which I think made for the perfect summer outfit. I loved this shirt a lot more than I first anticipated, the colour of it made me slightly weary but now I think this bold colour actually makes the shirt, as it frames the placket and collar line against the lighter shade of pink.

I went for the shirt in my usual small sizes and it fits like a dream, its the perfect length for a bowling shirt plus has that added detail of a sharp Cuban style collar. As I mentioned across on my YouTube channel, I decided to play the necklaces down in this particular outfit, just going for one statement piece which I think works when the shirt is worn open with a simple black tee.

You can shop the shirt across on Asos by clicking here.
Photographs by CJ Carpenter.

Also you can check out this weeks YouTube video in the link below too, if you're not subscribed to my channel be a legend and hit subscribe!

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