We all have at least one really good pair of jeans we all rely on to be that go-to denim that always looks cool and does the job. I posted about my favourite pair of jeans a few weeks ago on my Instagram stories but I've decided to write a little about them tonight too. The jeans I'm about to share with you all are simply the best pair of jeans I've ever bought, so much, I now own four pairs of the black skinny beauties!

I've bought jeans from All Saints, The Kooples and other high-end stores but none measure up to these guys. It's strange, as these jeans are also the cheapest I've ever bought, nabbing them in the sale for only £19! When you measure them up against The Kooples costing nearly 10X as much and All Saints coming in at a smooth £100. These jeans were the bargain of the year!

My All Saints jeans lost their colour and turned from jet black to   black/grey which is never good and my Kooples jeans physically disintegrated, meaning last year I was on the hunt for some replacements! Other jeans I've purchased in the past just haven't been up to it, all sharing my worst pet peeve in denim - COLLECTING SMALL FLECKS OF WHITE DUST! I absolutely hate when that happens, it's such a schoolboy error and will have a negative outcome to any outfit, no matter how cool you may think it is! After initially taking a chance on these Brooklyn Denim Co jeans a year ago, buying them as a sort of back up pair to my A.S skinnies they've now become my number ones.

No matter which outfit these black jeans are now my go-to in my wardrobe, they're the classic all rounder. They never fade, they're a great skinny fit and cut, they're super black and most importantly don't attract the dreaded white fluff! These jeans will look sharp at all times and never fade which in my opinion is always a winner.

Personally I think a good pair of jeans is the base to every good outfit, no matter how subtle. A pair of fitted, sharp and dark jeans will never let you down. I wear black skinny jeans most days so finding a pair that fit me and are comfortable is key. B.D.C have an elastic feel to the denim giving them the perfect shape and fit to the leg which also gives movement.

I've styled these jeans up with a sweet western belt I was given from @savage__official along with a old season Kooples blazer with the usual jewels and dangly necklaces. I love the look of a smart blazer over a casual soft cotton tee, which I'm rocking here, I actually wore this outfit on Saturday night when heading out for drinks and it felt pretty damn cool.

You'll all probably notice the location's changing over the next few weeks as this was shot at the end of my street next to my new flat in Manchester. I love the buildings around my new gaff and I'm super excited to get some killer photographs to show you all in the up and coming weeks whilst the weather (fingers crossed) stays hot. Hopefully this weekend I'll let you guys behind the door of my third flat since moving to Manchester, so stay tuned for that one and come back Sunday!

Sadly since this idea of this post has been in my head the jeans they sell via Asos have all sold out, I know, absolute classic! I'd keep on checking back on their website however, as they're sure to bring some similar or the same black jeans back, plus I'll keep you guys in the loop if I see them elsewhere!

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