Hey everyone, tonight I'm opening the door and letting you all step inside my new flat, which I now share with my girlfriend CJ. This was a big step for me, but after our first month of living together I can report we're still going strong...

After moving all of our stuff in by ourselves (and nearly collapsing in the process) we now have it pretty exactly how we want it. The bedroom is a write off at the minute, having focused mainly on the living area for now, but I'm sure it won't be long before we get that room looking just as good (fingers crossed).

I love this flat more than any other since moving down to Manchester, I think that's down to us really putting our own stamp on things. As soon as we viewed it, we knew this little flat was something special and we had to have it.

Saying that, this was the only flat we looked at online and the only one we viewed together in person, so it had to do really. I remember the conversation Chloe had with me two weeks before I had to leave my old flat with the deadline looming - "Christian I've found a flat" Me - "Awesome we'll have that one".

Finding a flat is easy. I stand by my late snap decisions, they always work out for me. I always think they're the way to go, just let the path take you, it's all going to happen anyway so why not just go with it and enjoy the ride!

I am the most laid back person with pretty much everything in my life, and I fully believe everything is set out in front of us, the path we are all on now is the path we are meant to be on, to put it simply - what's going to happen is going to happen. Don't get me wrong I like to plan, layout idea's and list, but I firmly believe in the law of attraction and I like to think something will happen if I manifest it in my mind. I find the best way to deal with high pressure situations is step back, relax and just go with the flow because everything will be good in the end.

My favourite part of the day in the flat is just around dusk. We're lucky as we get the last bit of the light before it sets on the Manchester skyline. Being on the corner of the building makes that hour of daylight an utter dream. We unhinge the large windows to let the cool evening air into the flat, open a bottle of red (most night's, why hello there) and light our candles whilst listening to an album to create that chilled out atmosphere after a day at work.

I find this flat the ultimate place to unwind and chill, we've just made it into one of those spaces where you can really shake the day off. We have a lot of plants in the flat, every time we head out we're always on the look out for our next green legend. I've done a lot of decorating with plant hangers and trailing ivy, I think it looks cool and I just want to fill the flat up with that much needed greenery in our city centre pad.

Rugs also seem to be a running feature throughout our flat with three here in the front room. The carpet beneath the rugs is a sight for sore eyes, so we've collaborated our rug collection and slowly beginning to hide any evidence of the grey, old fashioned carpet. The kitchen has original wooden flooring, so it's a huge shame it doesn't follow through to the living area. The hidden gem however is our "upstairs" it's not an actual floor (we're not that well-off), but this small space above the main room and in-between it's structural mental beams makes it the perfect place to hide away. It's full of cushions and blankets, it even has another record player and TV set up there for nights we want to be really cosy, or when we have guests to stay. 

Take a look at my guided tour of our flat across on my YouTube tonight plus see the little video which we filmed last night when we got in after a few beers, I'm sure you'll all be able to tell!

Cheers for reading,


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