I received these jeans from Tigha a few weeks back, these beauties are still on sale from last season, with only a few sizes left in stock and now have 30% off! These killer seventies style lace up jeans are well worth a chat feature across on my blog, as I know a lot of you will absolutely love them! I've been looking for a pair of jeans like this for years, so I was super lucky to grab one of the last pairs in my size from their website, when I collaborated with the brand a few weeks back.

I just love how these jeans look on, they really do make for a killer rock and roll look, the side lace up section is so damn cool and screams seventies rocker style. The metal ring eyelet's are such a sick detail, with the woven leather cord that runs through each one, in a criss-cross manner. These jeans also have the perfect silhouette, giving a sweet fit and super comfortable feel.

The jeans are pretty weighty, a little heavier to wear than your normal skinnies, all that metal & cord really adds up, however once you get them on, you wouldn't know the difference. The denim is also pretty thick, this added extra weight confirms the quality of this pair of killer lace ups, and they feel like the real deal. I'm also a big fan of this more urban location I decided to shoot the jeans at, this isn't my normal go to shoot backdrop, but I think it's worked pretty well!

I actually got up at 6AM to shoot this, firstly because heading out so early, you don't come into contact or see anyone at all - lockdown problems! Secondly, it's now super light so early in the morning, meaning once again my sleeping pattern has changed, another lockdown problem, but we're all trying to make the best of it right? So with that in mind, I thought why not get out there and shoot at this location, as I've been wanting to feature it for months!

Now let's talk a little about the top part of this outfit, I actually totally forgot I had this black leather waistcoat, it was a nice surprise to find it again and something I thought looked pretty sweet paired with this outfit. I also threw on a white deep V-neck underneath with the usual, classic accessories, plus a tiger print scarf for a hit of animal print!

I said across on my YouTube last week that I was going to feature my painted leather this week, but sadly I haven't gotten around to  taking the photographs just yet, but believe me, it will be on here very soon. I hope you guys are keeping busy and I super appreciate you checking in, as always, stay safe, stay sweet x.

Check these jeans out now by clicking the link - Tigha Morten Jeans



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