It's been so long hasn't it? It feels as if the local pub is a distant memory, so much so, I've gone to check if they're alright and still exist! It's a tough time for anyone in the hospitality industry, bars, restaurants and pubs are all trying everything they can to survive in this tough time! All the local boozers where I live still have their doors firmly closed, not offering a take-away service or any kind of liquid refreshments, very sad times indeed!

Last year in the U.K one pub closed it's doors for good every 12 hours, which is insane if you think about it! When the locals are finally allowed to open their doors once again, we really need to get right behind and support them as much as we can, hoping our locals won't become another grim statistic. We all need to raise as many glasses as we can and celebrate the pub we love the most in our local area! Basically, we all need to drink as much as we can to keep them open, something I can definitely get right behind! This doesn't go for just the pubs, this is about doing what you can to support all independent businesses, this is such an important time to shop local, support small and do your part to keep as many of them alive!

The biggest miss I have about the pub however, is the social aspect, meeting and spending time with my mates! The lockdown has been tough, but not socialising is killing me, I knew it was high on my list to keep me feeling happy and positive, but I didn't realise how much of an impact it made to my life when I didn't have it. A simple chat, a pint and a laugh with others makes the world of difference, believe me. I've spent the last few days seeing and reaching out to my friends, it feels so good to finally get the chance to meet up and talk to them after the days and weeks that have passed. It's sometimes the simple things that mean the most and makes the biggest difference.

There's nothing better than heading to a bar or pub to catch up with friends and socialise on a Friday night. Something we've all not done for a very long time! Don't get me wrong the weekly Zoom quiz is a laugh, but nothing beats the real thing down the pub, drinking a nice, chilled, (on tap) pint with a group of friends in the sun in a beer garden! Perfection! Something I know will happen again after all of this is over! Here's a few simple ways you can support small business for free - like a post, share it on your story, comment some love, and tag a friend.

Take the time out to reach out, stay safe and do your best to spread the love x



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