Palm tree's and sunshine meant a totally different thing this time last year, now however, it sadly means me in my own back garden. I chose to shoot this latest blog post against this very cliché setup, I mean, I never thought it would come to a white sheet, but finally its happened. My apologies. Lockdown has reached a new low, but let's get on with it!

I bought this shirt last year and to be fair haven't worn it that much, maybe a handful of times. It went down to such a low price in the sale on Topman's website it was worth buying no matter what it looked like when it came! When it arrived, I loved it, last week I found it in the back of my wardrobe and thought why not throw it on, after all the weather last week certainly called for a summer shirt. I remember telling everyone last year it was the perfect holiday shirt, I did think I'd be wearing it in a slightly more exotic location, but hopefully they'll be plenty of time for that soon!

A part of me actually enjoyed shooting against the sheet, as I got some amazing shadows projected onto the background, especially as this shirt is sheer in certain area's, the patterns looked perfect. You wouldn't necessarily think this shirt was from Topman, but that's why I bought it, I love checking in with the high-street every now and again to find pieces that look a lot more expensive than they actually are, plus I get the challenge of styling them up in a way to reflect this more exclusive item. This shirt is such a cool, unique piece, I'm not normally a fan of the sheer look or lace detailing but since this shirt is a twist on the original, I think it looks killer styled up in this laid back rock n' roll way!

Worn completely open around a pool area or fastening a few buttons for an early evening look this shirt will look killer when we all eventually get the luxury of travelling once again, that can't come quick enough for me! I hope you're all still enjoying your summer wherever you currently are and whoever your currently with.

Cheers for reading, stay safe,


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