It's been a few weeks since I featured this jacket across on my YouTube, and even further back since I painted it. This was pretty much my first little project of lockdown. I posted a photograph of this leather once I'd finished the lettering on my instagram but since then, I still haven't gotten around to actually wearing it, that's until now.

I've not worn this particular biker for a good ol' while, if I'm telling you the truth, I've sort of gone off it. Hence the makeover, if you don't like something, improve it until you do, that's my new motto, so with my newly painted white lettering, it felt good to finally throw this biker back over my shoulders, especially knowing my name was on the back!

I sketched out the font design in a white pencil first, so I knew exactly where each letter would sit on the back of my leather, there's nothing worse than getting to the end, then realising you've ran out of space, so a little pre-planning is crucial! It took me three coats of special leather paint (which I got from eBay) to make the white pop on the smooth black leather. If you can remember way back, I was undecided whether or not to include a hat to the design on the back of my leather, but after my instagram poll I decided to loose the hat design underneath the lettering to go for more of a "less is more" look.

I love the way the biker has turned out and I can't wait to wear it again and again. Nothing beats a jet black leather biker and now since I've personalised this one, I love it a whole lot more! I'm pretty proud of myself that I've kept up my creativity in lockdown, somedays it hard, but constantly thinking of new ideas and new films and projects is getting me through each day, if it wasn't for my creativity I'd be in a bad place for sure!

I hope you're all still doing well and keeping your minds busy and positive. As always thanks for checking in.

Cheers for reading,


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