Evening guys, how are you all? Tonight I'm back talking about one of my favourite smaller brands - Good Morning Keith. You may remember seeing some of their pieces I've been lucky enough to have been given over the years, including t-shirts, bandanna's and a handful of detail scarfs, which I have absolutely adore and have all been amazing, oozing that 70's style! This is the first shirt I've been given from the G.M.K and I can tell you it feels as looks as good as everything else they create!

I just love the over size polka-dot motif of the Dylan shirt, it's a killer twist on the standard smaller dots your normally would find with the pattern. I think the shirt looks undeniably & effortlessly cool, I love the cut and feel of the shirt not to mention that slightly over exaggerated collar, a nod to the seventies era and styling.

A lot of Good Morning Keith's materials are recycled and are sourced from big Parisian fashion houses. This material is dead stock which means that it's either unwanted or would go unused. This is until G.M.K step in and save the material to create amazing garments from this high standard textile.

I also styled the shirt with a vintage leather I found recently, I think these two items really complement one another, both looking as if they've come straight out the seventies themselves! If you head across to my instagram -@theunidentifiedrocker you'll be able to watch a small video I also filmed while shooting, which also captured a sweet vibe!

You can check out my other posts about G.M.K here - The Love T-Shirt, plus an introduction to Good Morning Keith where you can find out a little more about the brand, visit their website here - Good Morning Keith. Check out this weeks YouTube where I chat a little more about the brand and give you a closer look at the sexy Dylan Shirt.



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