Today is my car's birthday! It was first registered on the road 23rd August, all the way back in 1978! My car is the best thing I've bought in my life, so far. I love my car, every time I get in and start the engine, it puts a smile on my face. I've always wanted a vintage car, it's something a little different to what you see on the roads, day to day. I suppose even my choice in a car was a style over substance decision. I was always told to "get something practical" & "get a car you can use every day." I hate conforming to a safe and secure means of living, so that's why I ignored all and bought myself a classic two seater soft top.

I'd still not change it for the world, yes it's broken down more times than I can remember. Yes, I've spent a lot of money fixing various problems, but when everything is working, when I'm driving on that perfect road, with the breeze in my hair and the sun on my face, it's THE BEST feeling in the world!

I bought my car from a guy who had a private car garage. He owned Ferrari's, TVR'S and Lamborghini's, all displayed on his front drive. Tucked away in the corner, under a tree was my little MG. As soon as I saw 'him' (I'll tell you later) I knew it was the car for me. A little rough around the edges and a MOT list down to the floor. That, however, didn't put me off, no matter what, I was driving this car home.

I still remember how different it was driving my car for the first time, how strange everything was, not to mention how small the car actually felt! I drove the car home with completely bald tyres, not realising this until turning into my first roundabout. I had to drive the car around fifty miles back home, the longest journey the car had made for a long time, as it was dry garaged for seven years previous to me buying it.

Eventually, I got home. I couldn't believe I'd bought this car, how cool it looked on the driveway, it was a really exciting time until I realised the locks didn't work. My car that night and every night since then has spent its nights tucked away in the garage, which I'm very thankful for. You can't really leave a vintage car out in the British weather, it just wouldn't last!

The next day I started the project that is still ongoing to this day. Fixing, replacing, cleaning every part of the car, replacing or spending time on making the car look better and function the way it should (locks first.) Seven years on, and I've got my car pretty much how I want it. I've had my ups and downs like every classic car owner when things don't go my way.

However, the main thing is that I've chosen to save a car from history, instead of letting the car fall into disrepair, I've chosen to do something about it. My car's milometer is coming up to hundred-thousand miles, which is quite an achievement for a car, hopefully, it will hit this bench mark over the next year. Ever since I spotted my car all those years ago I've become very attached him, so much, that yes, I have named it. Oliver.

I didn't want to write the countless stories I have about my car on my blog, it would be way too long! However, if you do want to hear them, plus see me driving my car, head across to my YouTube channel. Plus there are some tips to remember if you're ever going to buy a classic car of your own!


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