I've been longing for a trusty brown pair of Chelsea boots for a while now and Atom Retro has once again come to my rescue. They kindly sent me this killer pair of tan leather boots from their in-house brand Madcap, and it's safe to say they look very cool.

You’ll already know by now that a pair of Chelsea boots are a crucial wardrobe essential of mine. I’ve been craving a pair of tan boots, so when I found these beauties online, my luck was in!

Surprisingly, I’ve never owned a pair of tan leather boots. They look as though they've been transported straight from the 1960’s, with a pointed toe, wedged Cuban heel, and classic centre stitch detail. The Casbah boot is available in a range of colours, including black leather & black suede. These boots are a valued addition to my ever-growing boot collection.

I’ve paired my killer boots with a pair of Mad Cap skinny black drainpipe jeans. I can confidently say they're one of the comfiest pairs of jeans I've ever owned! The material is a mix of cotton & elastane, giving the jeans a super stretch feel. The jeans feature a traditional five pocket detail, with classic belt loops and a silver button fastening.

The most important tip to remember, when wearing a statement Chelsea boot, is to match the colours of your outfit together, from your shoes up. As you can see, I’m wearing a suede tan jacket, which mirrors the tan shade of my shoes, styled with my black jeans, and complimented with my black scarf. I’ve chosen to wear a basic grey T-shirt, just to tone the overall look down a little.

I’ve gone for a more vintage inspired look with this outfit, I discovered this awesome suede jacket at my local vintage store in Newcastle. I think the tan shade of the jacket compliments the boots so well. I’m wearing my Saint Laurent dupe printed scarf. The scarf features a horse shoe pattern, this small detail really ties the outfit together, along with a few staple pieces of jewellery and, of course, my trusty Fedora hat. I think I'm channelling some serious Western vibes with this look, and I like it!

To shop the tanned brown Chelsea boots click here.

To shop the Cavern 59 drainpipe jean click here.


  1. Cool outfit. I have the black suede casbah boots there definitely rock and roll

    1. Cheers mate, appreciate the comment! Rock and roll man