This is my the final instalment of jewellery specials. I'll obviously keep you updated if my collection grows, but today, I'm going to be focusing on necklaces. In this post, I'll be showing you my favourite necklaces, the ones I wear day in day out, plus the stories behind them. I've also uploaded a video on necklaces across on my YouTube channel. Click below to check it out.

Without my jewellery on, I feel like a huge part of my outfit & style is missing. If you're wearing a cool outfit it looks good, agreed, but when you add rings, bracelets and necklaces to the outfit, it makes it look WAY cooler, as you've accessorised yourself along with it. "A piece of jewellery is the last flourish of your personality upon the extremities of your body."

I’ll kick things off with the necklace I wear the most. I picked up in NYPL. This is a small, silver pi disk necklace, with a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote engraved onto it. The quote is something I remember reading on the wall in the library, the first time I visited New York City. I remember having my eyes opened on that trip, and loved soaking up the whole lifestyle NYC had to offer. I bloody loved it! The quote reads "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." This quote struck a chord with me, and every time I wear it, it reminds me of New York City. A city I'd love to go back to very soon!

Another pi disk necklace of mine is this one, my OM necklace. This is one of my Tibetan buys from eBay (a phase I went through). This necklace has a thin silver chain with the pendant hanging in the centre. Either side of the disk has a different design, one side being the OM symbol and the reverse having a small sun.

I’d definitely say necklaces make an outfit stand out. Paired with a few other key pieces, achieves a killer overall look, oozing cool and making you stand out from the crowd. In my personal opinion, when you wear jewellery, it just makes you a whole lot cooler and creates a more interesting aura around you. You have an individual look that no-one else can recreate.

You've gone that extra step dressing your body, that's style! I think of it like a three prong attack. Along with my rings and bracelets, my necklaces have the same tight boundaries, all abiding by a silver, black or gold colour scheme. Another aspect I love about bejewelling myself is the noise jewellery makes. I've mentioned this before, but nothing beats the sound of jewellery being animated and matching your movements throughout your everyday life. It's almost like having a theme tune!

Getting onto my black prayer beads, I wear these beads all of the time, either wrapped around my wrist or around my neck. They’re just wooden beads coated in a black plastic, they have a Vajra on them (another Buddhist symbol) representative of great spiritual power and firmness of spirit. The Vajra is symbolic of the attributes of a diamond (purity and indestructibility) as well as the properties of a thunderbolt (irresistible energy). Who wouldn't want those qualities ey? It also represents endless creativity, skilful activity and potency.

Daisy Jewellery is a brand you know I'm a big fan of. Daisy appears in my necklace collection, as well as my bracelet collection. I loved my bracelet so much, I bought a matching chakra necklace, again made of silver. The base chakra represents seductive qualities, along with passionate energy. Double the chakra means double the energy, right? I love Daisy jewellery as all their pieces are such high quality, the chain and bracelet I own are both sterling silver. I always feel like there's something missing if I don't wear these two pieces, they're a massive part of my overall look.

Another very simple necklace of mine is this smooth black stone, this is a necklace I made myself years ago. A simple shoe string and stone I found down my local beach. Each time I visit the beach, I can't help but pick things up along the way. I come back with pockets full of stones, sea washed glass and pretty much anything else I can carry, which looks cool or unusual. This I admit, is an unhealthy habit I've inherited from my Dad, but sometimes it pays off. For instance, this stone was a pretty cool find.

The stone has an oddly smooth surface, it just felt good when I picked it up, plus it has this little oval shape sort of engraved into it. I took it home and decided to drill a small hole to create a necklace. I like to think, that the stone had no idea, after thousands of years, it would end up being worn around my neck.

As I mentioned in my previous bracelet & ring special, I believe the more individual the piece is, the better. A piece of jewellery should express who you are, and your personality. I love the thought of a necklace or ring, having a back story or other life. My favourite pieces of jewellery, all have a story to tell. They were either previously worn by a family member or bought in a place close to my heart.

These special pieces beat jewellery you can easily pick up on the high street hands down. It's a great feeling telling someone about a piece when you're asked, you can really give them an idea of how much that piece means to you, rather than "I bought it in Topman mate." In my opinion, personality is KEY when wearing any sort of jewellery, so if you follow my tips you can't go wrong!


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