It feels like I've been waiting FOREVER (no pun intended) for the vinyl to drop, but finally, after a good month of just being able to listen on Spotify, I have my hands on it!

I already know pretty much all the songs on the album, but listening to it on my old vinyl player, sounds like I'm hearing it again for the first time. The only thing missing is you don't get to see Este's facial expressions!

It's been a crazy four years for the LA trio since their debut album 'Days Are Gone.' They've collaborated with the likes of Calvin Harris, Major Lazer and Bastille, as well supporting Rihanna and Taylor Swift on tour. A Grammy nomination even followed for Best New Artist, all off the back of their first album!

When I drafted this blog post a few weeks ago I'd written: "I've never been lucky enough to see Haim play live," this however changed last Friday night, when I watched the girls perform live, front of stage, at Leeds Festival. It was bloody awesome! I've never seen any band that close, Alana actually jumped into the crowd and I was holding her up! I'd been wanting to see Haim for five years and this gig certainly made the wait worth it! Here are some of the photographs I snapped at the gig on Friday.

The gig was everything and more. I'm still on that Haim high, even now, days after I saw them perform! My plan was to get close, but I never imagined I'd be on the front barrier. It really was a gig I'll always remember. Haim played all their classic songs from the first album, including some of my favourites, The Wire, Song 5, Falling & Let Me Go to name a few. As well as mixing it up with a handful of tracks from their new album too, which received an equal reaction as the classics!

Looking good on stage is also a main priority for these uber cool sisters, at Leeds Festival this was no exception. Leather, PVC, silk and glitter all featured in the band's rocker wardrobes. Sadly they didn't have any merch at the festival which was devastating, as I really wanted their 'Go Home Or Go Haim T-shirt'!

They wrapped up the gig by playing 'Right now' which morphed into a killer drum beat with Alana, Danielle & Este surrounding the drum kit with the crowd going wild as confetti filled the air. Performances like the one I'd just witnessed, plus their performance at Glasto earlier on this year, just shows that even after their long break writing the new record, Haim are back with a bang! I hope a U.K tour will be next on their list!

Another song I couldn't fail to mention in this post is their live rendition of Shania Twain's 'That Don't Impress Me Much' on Australian radio station Triple J. If you've still not heard this killer cover song on YouTube, I'll leave a link to it at the bottom of this post. (Why did that song not make the album?)

My stand out songs from the album are 'Found It In Silence' & 'Ready For You' these two songs are instantly recognisable as Haim classics. The lead single and first track on the new album 'Want You Back' also has to be up there, with a music video to match! The 'Want You Back' music video was filmed in Sherman Oaks, the hometown neighbourhood of the Californian sisters. The video is packed full of air drumming and shimmying, which you have to re-enact while listening along!

'Nothings Wrong' also has that total Haim vibe with a catchy chorus, even stopping completely half way through to build back up again. Last but not least, the song 'Right Now', which starts off as a slow burner with a simple beat and synth that gradually changes pace into one of the biggest tunes on the album. Love it!

I was worried this album wouldn't measure up to the debut, second albums are always hard to get right, but I think the girls once again have knocked it out the park! Danielle, Alana & Este have stuck to their roots and their sound which makes the band so unique.

Thankfully I can tell you that the synth, guitar riffs and drum beats all still remain the main focus of the new album, not forgetting those instantly recognisable voices. Over all 'Something To Tell You' is another classic album by Haim.

Click here to hear their cover of Shania Twain's 'That Don't Impress Me Much'. I bought the vinyl from HMV which cost £24.99. 


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