This jacket, in my opinion, is the only jacket you'll need this Autumn & Winter. Since it's already mid-September (where did the summer go?) I've decided now is the time to invest in my first winter piece. This jacket is from Zara (AGAIN) I can't get enough of their new season's styles, although, this biker is a little different from the rest.

So, where shall I start? It looks bloody cool, doesn't it? Yes, I realise it's yet another biker jacket I have to add to my already extensive collection, but who cares? I'm not passing on a biker when it looks this good!

This double-faced, biker-style jacket with zip fastening and adjustable strap collar is killer! I love the whole look of the jacket, with its diagonally placed pockets, and raw cut edges. It's a true standout piece. The only confession I do have is that this jacket isn't leather. *Music stops in background*.

I'm never a 'pleather' type of guy, I always go for a genuine 100% leather, but as this jacket looked so damn good, I let that rule slide! The main reason this jacket caught my eye in the first place, was all down to its fleece lining and collar. It's like the love child of a biker and aviator coat. It's a fully lined dream!

Every detail on the jacket is perfect but the most striking aspect has to be that feature fleece collar which incorporates a chunky buckle & strap design. Sadly with my long hair, this characteristic is unfortunately covered, but I guess you guys with shorter hair could wear the jacket to its full potential. It's leather look outer shell, and soft fleece lining are all you'll need to keep you warm & dry this winter.

Another design feature I noticed immediately was the raw unfinished edge it has. The fleece and outer shell abruptly stop, there's no tailored edge to the jacket, which is unusual and right up my street.

The jacket is very thick and bulky, reminiscent of vintage motorbike jackets from the 70's. I don't normally like wearing heavy set jackets, but this is an exception. It's just very cool! The jacket is coated in a weather resistant finish, I imagine rain, sleet or snow would just run straight off, keeping you warm & dry underneath.

The colour is jet black inside, and out, with only the zips and buckle fastening in a contrasting silver metal. This is much more than your everyday biker. I love the touch of aviator this jacket has been given. The final detail that stands out to me, is the rounded piping over the seams, you especially notice this around the shoulders and back of the jacket. Overall it's an awesome piece costing £89.99.

I purchased this biker jacket a few weeks ago but have just noticed that unfortunately, at this moment in time, the jacket is out of stock. Apologies, I hate featuring clothes on my blog that are hard to get your hands on. However, I'm pretty certain this jacket will be restocked online, if not you might be lucky enough to find it in store. I've left the link to the lined biker below to get more details on the jacket click here.

Fingers crossed you'll be able to hunt one down!


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