Hey guys, today I'm going to be talking about an item of clothing I've not really heard of before, the overshirt. I'll start off with a quick definition to get you up to speed. The Overshirt: most commonly fastened by buttons, the style is closer to a shirt than it is to a jacket, making it a formal piece of attire, which can also be dressed down. Buttons allow the wearer to wear it on its own, over a tee or another shirt, hence the name.

Since you're up to speed with the lingo I'll carry on, this is the piece I'll be talking about today, look at it, it's crazy, isn't it? I bloody love it!

I spotted this piece last week whilst scrolling down Topman's new in section. The full-on leopard print pattern was obviously the first thing to catch my eye. This overshirt is a little different to the classic as this shirt has a zip instead of classic buttons. I, however, like the zip detail as it makes the overshirt more similar to a jacket. The overshirt does have one downside, not having any pockets, but I guess that would be a little strange for a shirt.

The jacket is made from a Polyester cotton mix but has the feel of hessian. Apologies to the jacket for comparing it to a bag for life across on my YouTube channel, (it was early, okay). The overshirt has some nice design features for a simple item, for instance, the darted collar with black reverse. Along with single button sleeves for you to roll up or wear however you please.

This jacket was modeled online with a blue Breton t-shirt underneath, not a massive fan of those two pieces styled together, so I've put my own spin on things as per. I think this outfit looks awesome, the leopard print really comes into its own, giving the wearer that air of rock 'n' roll cool.

I decided to style my overshirt up by wearing it over a denim jacket, which I think works, it looks way better in my opinion than the way Topman did it. I bought this in a small, it's a tiny bit bigger than normal but I imagine that's down to the garment being an overshirt. I've left the link below for this overshirt including some of my favorites online right now. 

My top three Overshirts:
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2. Scotch & Soda Overshirt - Click here.
3. Asos Overshirt - Click here.


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