Summer has finally come to an end, I can't believe it's September already! However, I'm lucky enough to be squeezing in one last holiday, before it's time for those winter coats and jumpers. I'm jetting off to Greece with my family to soak up the last of that summer sunshine.

Since I had to go through my whole painstakingly slow packing routine once again, it gave me an idea for this blog post. Today's post is all about what I wear whilst travelling.

I've touched on this subject before, I think the way you dress to an airport is very important. I agree, it does have its positives & negatives, as some items of clothes are comfier than others, but I always choose to dress more stylish over functionality. I don't think I'd ever turn up to the airport in jogging bottoms or gym attire, it just doesn't suit my personality.

The first stop of mine at any airport has to be the coffee shop. I needed a caffeine laced drink more than ever Thursday morning, as I had to wake up at 3:45AM! Once I make it to a coffee shop, I know I can finally relax. Security checks are over, boarding passes have been scanned, and I know it's not long until I can explore a new, interesting part of the world.

I always tweak my airport outfit a little to achieve the same overall look, but with a more relaxed vibe when travelling. This mainly concerns the jean department. In my personal opinion, a regular cut jean or denim with an elastic stretch is what you want to go for while travelling. That way you get to keep your look without sacrificing your style! Long periods of time sitting in the same position calls for a relaxed jean you feel comfortable in.

I own one pair of jeans that tick all the boxes. Yes, they're skinny, but believe me, they're so comfortable! The flight time to Greece was only three hours, which felt pretty short, considering the last few flights I've taken were long haul!

As you can see my James Bay jacket had its second outing. It's my new favourite, so why not ey! I teamed my jacket up with a heavily printed polka dot shirt, from The Kooples and black jeans, with a studded leather belt, and finally some killer cowboy-esc Cuban heeled boots, their colour matched the jacket perfectly. My normal accessories of rings, hat and sunglasses all played apart in my overall look . . . obviously. 

Walking out on the runway is something you don't really get to do anymore, it's more escalators, walkways and tunnels to the aircraft. So when you do get the opportunity, it's always a welcome change, as you can see by my grin, I'm thoroughly enjoying myself. 

The two most important items I always take on board are two pretty simple ones. Number 1, water is a high priority on my list, staying hydrated is the best thing you can do whilst travelling. It helps with your circulation and keeps your skin looking and feeling good. The second must have for me is a bobble, without a hair bobble I'd really struggle on any flight! As soon as the plane is in the air, the hat is off and my hair is up. I rock a top knot when flying, this keeps my hair looking as good as when I boarded. Biggest tip!

Take a look at my new Youtube video where I feature my airport look in more detail.


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