This post is more of a checklist. I imagine you fashionable lot who already read my blog have these five items plus a lot more stored away in the wardrobe. In that case, I'm just sharing my favourite quality accessories with you. If you're new to my blog or want to learn a little more about which crucial pieces you need, I've put together my list to inspire you.

Number one - a belt. I have a lot of belts, so it was quite hard choosing just one to talk about. I've gone for this one, it's from The Kooples and it's the one I wear the most. I love it as it pretty much goes with everything. The silver metal buckle & belt strap are the two most noticeable thing about the belt. I love the detail on the buckle, it reminds me of an old art nouveau motif. 

This belt is made from 100% leather and when you look closely you see the amazing crocodile skin pattern imprinted on it. The belt always looks killer and it sets off any pair of dark jeans I wear it with. As I've mentioned before, I don't really use belts as functional accessories, they're more of an add-on, to make an outfit look cooler. I always think an outfit is won or lost on accessories. The more the better but the first place to start is nailing one of the most simple pieces, the belt.

Number two - sunglasses. I've mentioned these a fair few times on my blog, so I'll keep it short. However, I think every guy should own a pair of designer sunglasses, a pair of dark shades is the ultimate cool piece, which when worn makes you feel like an untouchable swaggering rockstar. These are my Gucci shades and they make me feel just that.

Number three - a watch. I was lucky enough to be given a watch rather than going out there and buying one, and what a watch it is. This wrist watch is very special to me as it was passed down from my Grandad. I remember him wearing it all the time, that's until the strap broke. It then spent around 15 years not being worn lying on a shelf gathering dust.

After that long timeout it was then given to me. The first thing I did was give it a good clean and obviously bought a new strap for it. I chose this classic, tanned brown strap, which I think complements the watch face. I love this watch, it's a true treasured position of mine. I only wear it on very special occasions when I'm going somewhere smartly dressed. It's the perfect accessory that makes any suit look 10x better, plus reminds me of my grandad.

Number four. A bandanna. Bandannas are so versatile, they can be worn in so many ways! It's funny how a small square piece of material can change an outfit so much, but believe me, it does. A pop of colour to a signature statement, a bandanna always looks dead cool when added to an outfit, showing that little extra twist & flair of personality.

This monotone bandanna is my go-to favourite, once again from The Kooples. It's a jet black bandanna with a skull printed on the fabric, so it's a little different to most. You can pick a bandanna up on eBay for as little as 99p. It's a cheap accessory that brings a lot to any everyday outfit. To read my bandanna blog click here.

Number five - a scarf. The weather's getting colder as each day passes meaning a quality scarf is always a welcome accessory this time of year. I've owned this vibrant red scarf a few years now after I picked it up in the Reiss sale. It always looks really cool thrown over a white shirt, it makes any outfit look that little more interesting.

This scarf, in fact, doesn't keep me warm, it's yet another style over function item. That's all accessories are, they're all about embellishing your outfit, making you look that little more individual, that little more stylish, that little cooler (physically*). Adding small details here and there all add up to one bigger overall outcome. Raising the outfit bar from cool to bloody awesome and memorable!

Once you have a collection of these core five items you'll find each one will complement your outfit & improve your style on a daily basis. All the items above are my personal favourites so they suit me and my style, but that's the best bit, all the items I've featured above are available in such range of colour, size, material, make and look, there's literally one of each item out there to suit everyone.

What I'm saying is get out there and accessorize! It's the key to any super cool look. What are your favourite accessories? Do you think I've missed a core item? I'd love to hear your opinions on accessories.


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