Hello! Christmas has come and gone for another year! I hope you all had an awesome time with friends and family, I know I certainly did. I've been back home for just over a week now, lazing around, watching films and of course stuffing my face full of the best festive food around! However, after being in the house for 5 days straight I just had to venture outside, so thought why not shoot this post while I'm at it.

It's another All Saints jacket which I was lucky enough to bag as one of my Christmas presents. Pretty good going as it was only two weeks ago I'd featured the Wick Leather which I picked up for myself in the sales. This one, as you can see, isn't your classic black leather biker. It's a brown suede, which for me is something a little different.

I headed to the beach to blow those cobwebs away, as well as walking off all that food. Where I'm from is known for its coastline, I've got a handful of beaches very close to my house. This is the more urban of the bunch but the way I see it a beach is a beach. After all it's a lot different to living in the city centre of Manchester! Visiting the beach, no matter the weather or which one we decide to visit is always something I love to do when I get back home.

Getting back to this suede biker. The colour and material first caught my eye when I saw this across on All Saints website, I love the contrasting silver zips and if you can see it, the smaller pocket zip on the left hand-side of the chest, which is something none of my other biker jackets have. It's a nice little detail that I've never seen before. I was going to wear the jacket with either a white or black plain t-shirt as a tanned fabric always looks effortless on top. I rooted for the whole black vibe in the end (surprise surprise) but with this versatile piece, I know no matter which I would of chosen they would have looked equally as cool!

This jacket will be a great change to my classic black ones, especially in the springtime, where I know I'll be able just to throw it on without thinking to achieve that laid back style. I just love a tan suede and I've not seen a cooler jacket on the high-street -especially for the price of this one. I wore it with a pair of burnt orange shades and black boots, I was going to wear my brown, western boots but since I was going to walk on the beach, I quickly thought against it. I think a nice brown suede boot would set the outfit off and look killer for any occasion.

So with that little ramble that's my last post of the year! Here's to 2019 where I will be posting more and more, I've got some super exciting things in the pipeline and a little more free time to make them work and become a reality. I can't wait to see what 2019 brings, so thanks for an awesome year and I wish you all the luck in the new year too!

Take a closer look at the Judd biker by clicking here.
They're running low on sizes now, but I'm sure still have the odd one in a local store. Thanks to my sister Sallie for taking my pictures, she was trying out her Christmas present of a new camera, which I think she's done a pretty good job of!

Photographs by Sallie Ball


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