Hey guys, happy Sunday! Tonight I have a post which all of you should like, its all about the classic black biker jacket from All Saints.

I picked this biker up a few weeks ago when All Saints were offering a 30% discount on their leathers. I sold two of my older leather jackets and was on the look out for something new. I wanted a style a little more classic this time, a timeless piece, something I could just throw on and feel cool wearing day or night.

The two jackets I sold were also from All Saints, but since they both became less 'trendy', I knew their time was up and I needed to go for a more classic style, rather than a trend piece. As soon as I see a lot of people wearing something or if the item is instantly recognisable, it sort of looses its appeal and I fall out of love with it, that's exactly what happened with my previous two leathers. This is why I decided to swap them both and get a much needed upgrade.

I'd say the Wick Biker is a perfect, timeless piece which will look  better than my other jackets in the years to come. I'm also thinking this is the leather I'm going to accessorise with a couple of very select enamel pins. Maybe not straight away, but in a couple of months time a handful of pins on one of the lapels will look killer, plus make the jacket look more personal to me and my style.

I bought the biker in a size small, they didn't have my size in my local store so I purchased the jacket online. The jacket fits like a dream not to mention smelling amazing. You always know that when your buying an All Saints piece, the quality is going to be spot on and it's no different here - the leather, silver metal zips and dull coloured popper buttons all make the jacket look very classic and reflect the style of the original 60's and 70's biker jackets.

I shot this jacket in front of a very old, white porcelain brick wall. A.S have shot many a campaign over the years with a similar background and every time I see a white brick wall it always reminds me of the classic All Saints aesthetic. I wore the jacket with one of their basic t-shirts underneath as I wanted it to be quite  casual. A plain white tee paired with a black biker will always be effortlessly cool and look rock'n roll no matter what.

Check out the Wick Biker by clicking here.
Sadly the Wick isn't included in the current promotion All Saints are offering. However, if you do like it, I'd wait till Boxing Day where I imagine the jacket will be once again in the sale.

Check out tonight's YouTube where you can see the leather in more detail.



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