Hey all, I'm writing this post back home, sitting looking at my Christmas tree thinking to myself where did this year go? What a year 2018 was. In this post, I want to share with you all, my personal and working highlights from over the past year. I'll link all the posts too, so if you didn't catch it then, you've got a second chance to read them now!

I'll kick things off from February where I celebrated my first year of blogging. I was lucky to meet one of my style icons, Chris John Millington. Not to mention running one of the coolest Instagram accounts around, this guy is an all-around legend. Travelling up to Glasgow and sharing a beer (or three) with the main man himself and also getting to explore the city was an awesome way to celebrate my first year of blogging.

February was also the month in which this blog landed me a proper job, it also gave me the opportunity to move out. I moved down to Manchester to start working for Phix, a rock and roll clothing brand based in the bustling heart of the Northern Quarter. I also managed to get my first ever flat. Moving out was a little bit of an eye opener to say the least, but these past 10 months have been an absolute blast, I wouldn't change it for the world!

March, this was a month where a blog post turned out to be a lot more. I met The Girls Club. Georgie & Chloe both travelled up to Manchester to spend the weekend taking photographs and meeting Manchester-based creatives and bloggers, for some crazy reason they decided to invite me along too! This is where I first met my now girlfriend, Chloe.

Since Chloe has been such a big part of my year and since we both have blogs ourselves, we decided back in May to shoot our very first joint post. We shot in one of our favourite brands, The Kooples. Weirdly enough, we had both each just bought a piece from The Kooples new collection, so it seemed like the obvious decision to shoot them together. We've done a lot of joint shoots since then, which I absolutely love. We even got fake-married this year on a shoot in Wales, which was hilarious! I've loved working with Chloe this year. We have something big planned which is coming very soon- so keep your eyes peeled as we need your help!

June. Meeting Mounir Ghazi. A Parisian leather designer who is the man who designed the coolest biker jacket I've ever worn. We shot around Manchester with photographer Adam Mane, only taking photographs in black and white and wearing Mounir's leather creations, this shoot was totally up my street! This has to be one of my favourite shoots of the year, the whole vibe was super cool, plus meeting Mounir in town was an absolute blast.

September, I was back in America and brought along Mounir's jacket and a killer pair of boots which were given to me by From The First. I shot these pieces whilst staying in a remote air b&b, in the Mojave Dessert and even managed to film a short look video too. I love creating videos and I think this year, I have really taken my skills to the next level, (excuse my big head!) Click here to watch the video and check From The First out as my shots were used across on their website.

The highlight of my past few months at work will have to be flying to Paris to shoot Quentin Pontonnier- an independent jeweller and main man of Paris. I spent the weekend in the city, experiencing everything Paris had to offer, including a very wild Saturday night out. I shot Quentin the day after the night before and even had time to visit his killer jewellery store, were I of course had to pick up a few pieces.

During the last few weeks I spent at work, I've shot a video with Morgan Motors at the amazing setting of Chateau Impney, this is also something I'm very proud of and even proves to me that my videos getting better and better.

To sum everything up, 2018 was pretty huge. I love my new home in Manchester, I love working on my blog and creating content at work. I've learnt, met and experienced so many things this year, most of which wouldn't of happened if it wasn't for my blog. 

This year my blog has given me all of the great things which have come my way, If I didn't have it, or you my readers interacting with me every step of the way, it wouldn't be the same. 

A huge thank you to you all who that take the time to read and support me.

Peace out,

Catch you all in the new year,

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