Nothing says summer more to me than an oversized linen shirt. This is now a staple piece for me on any holiday and even those rare occasions you can get away with wearing one here in the U.K. I bought my first linen shirt when I was away in Menorca last year. I initially bought it to just throw on while going from the beach to the bar, to keep me out of the sun while in turn keeping me cool. I didn't want the shirt to be fitted so I rooted for a large.

After buying one while on holiday, I became a massive fan of the classic linen shirt and started wearing it everywhere! As you can see this shirt looks very cool and can be worn in a relaxed way or dressed up to make the shirt look a little smarter. This is the perfect transitional piece you can wear pretty much any time of the day. The oversized shirt I found on holiday was only twenty euro but from an independent shop. Thankfully I've found one that's pretty much identical from Zara. This shirt comes in a selection of different colours, so hopefully, you can find a shade that suits you. (There's also a khaki and light blue version too). In my opinion, a linen shirt is the perfect go-to piece for the summer.

Linen is so light and a very breathable fabric so you'll never get sticky, no matter how hot it gets! A linen shirt worn open on the beach or buttoned up for the more sophisticated night time outfit will always look effortlessly cool and also very comfortable to wear. As you may know, I normally like my clothes fitted but with certain styles, I would always go for a bigger size. For instance, the cut of this particular shirt looks way better when worn a little oversized.

I bought all the shirts featured from Zara in medium, I decided on that size as that would give me the best option overall. Either to wear during the day or evening, at the same time to give me that little extra movement. In my opinion, if you jump up a size or two it gives off a more laid back, relaxed summer look. Sleeves rolled up, shades on, I promise you, you'll look bloody cool where ever you are.

I bought the shirts in three different colours to show you how versatile they actually are. My go to colour of white, a change to my normal colour palette of blue and a slightly risky option of coral. The shirts I chose all have the same polo collar which you can unbutton half way down. All shirts from Zara are a slim fit and all the same price at £25.99.

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