Today I want to share this super cool T-shirt brand I first came across on Instagram. This post is more for the girls as that's who the T-shirts are initially designed for, but as you can see some of Dazy LA's clothing can be worn by guys too. I've been following the brand plus the girl who actually designs them (@danidazey) for a while now on Instagram. If you've not checked her, or her T-shirts out, it needs to be top on your to-do list! She's the ultimate girl boss!

The funny thing is I actually ran into to Dani as I was having lunch when over in LA. I was sitting outside, having a bite to eat in the Arts District when I spotted Dani walk by. I shouted Dazey (at the time not knowing her name) and we ended up chatting. It's always so strange when you actually run into someone you follow on instagram. Even stranger that I only messaged her the day before, asking if she did guys T-shirts and here we were chatting in the street! What are the chances! After meeting and even making an appearance on her instagram story, I promised her I'd buy one of her amazing T-shirt's once I returned home. So here's the one I chose.

As you can see the T-shirt is AWESOME, I just hope I'm pulling it off! I know it's a girls but I can't not buy something when the design and brand is that cool! The T-shirt is 100% cotton and has a high quality feel. With its faded vintage print and off white colour the tee looks very vintage, it also has a distressed neckline and hem which is a nice little detail.

These days it's very rare to find someone that is totally doing their own thing, yet Dazey LA are. Dani hand designs and illustrates all her T-shirts as well as doing all her own photography for the website and her & the brands instagram account. The brand has only been going just over a year but you'd think it's been around much longer than that! All her tee's online are super cool and ooze that flower power, hippy, free soul feel. If you're after your very own custom made tee, look no further than DAZEY LA.

Visit her website and see all her hand designed, kick ass T's, click here to DAZEY LA. Plus Dani is one cool inspirational girl to follow on instagram! P.S design some guys tee's please!


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