A few years ago I loved nothing more than a vest top. In fact, I wore a vest that much it became my nickname at work. I was known as 'The Vest'. But is wearing a vest acceptable? I remember overhearing someone say "You have to be incredibly cool or incredibly ripped to ever wear a vest top". Just to let you know I'm not the second and to be honest, I'm not even sure about the first! You'll have to make your mind up on that one. But is that the case?

I think pretty much anyone can make a vest top work and it's easy integrating one into your wardrobe. It's all about having the confidence to rock one. If you think you can, you have to abide by these rules. Never buy a vest top with a muscle fit, this is when the material at the back of the shoulders is incredibly narrow. This is the biggest no-go in my opinion and should be avoided at all costs! Another vest to stay well clear of is the Y shape. This is a similar design to the muscle fit vest and in my opinion never looks good. What I'm trying to say is, stay clear of any vests with narrow sections of material either on the shoulders or down the back.

The shape you want from a vest top is basically a sleeveless T-shirt. These vest tops in my opinion always look the best, either with a low-slung/cut underarm or an exposed lower U-shape side down to the torso. These have always being my preferred style of vests and in my opinion, look the coolest.

A lot of my older vest tops are from All Saints, they always aced the vest top! An off white colour, low cut neckline and classic print, you couldn't go wrong. However, All Saints this season don't have many to choose from. There's currently only two styles on their entire website! There's only maybe a handful of occasions you can wear a vest here in the U.K but on holiday I'd say they should be a suitcase essential.

I have found two sweet vest tops you can buy now and mixed them up with my some of my older trusty styles from the past. As I said in my T-shirt post finding the right neckline which suits you is crucial! A scoop neckline is always my go to and it's the same in vest tops. I also prefer a vest which has a low scoop underarm which reaches down to the mid torso.

I also found the next two vest tops on Asos, a brand I'm becoming more and more a fan of, I know! Nevertheless, the two vest tops I've chosen are pretty sound. The first being this classic striped vest perfect for the summer. As a horizontal black stripe always looks cool.

Shop the striped vest top here.

The second vest that caught my eye was this one, which has serious Kooples vibes, saying that, on the Asos website it's actually being worn by a model who starred in an old Kooples campaign! Even so, this vest top has a very similar look to one of their printed tee's. It's also an absolute bargain as again it's in the sale at only £9, well worth it!

The vest top has the slogan of 'Nowhere to run Nowhere to hide' which is pretty sweet. However, this vest top is a round neck which I've since cut into a scoop neck which suits me better.

Shop the 'Nowhere to run' vest top here.

Check my YouTube below to see more of the do's & dont's of vest tops.


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