I came across this brand on Instagram and straight away it caught my attention. Phix is a Manchester based rock and roll clothing company that takes its influence straight out the 70's from the mods and rockers of old. I decided to shoot this jacket outside of the Beehive pub which has one of the coolest facades in town oozing that old British style. This building also features Manchester's worker bee in the green tiling and logo of the pub.

Visiting Phix Clothing's website or scrolling through their Instagram you immediately get a feel of the strong rock and roll attitude the brand conveys. This attitude and rebellion mixed with the classic 60's & 70's styling are what their garments are all about. Phix is dedicated to bringing back the best of British styling. Originality and quality are high on their priorities. As well as attention to detail which is reflected in all their killer garments.

Adam Barnsley Photography
Phix clothing has a strong 60's & 70's feel, they produce an exclusive range of jackets, coats and shirts all hand designed here in England. I was gifted this awesome '1962 paisley jacket' which you can find now on their website.

The jacket is made from a premium lightweight cotton and as you can see it oozes that vintage 60's look. The jacket features a paisley embroidered cord fabric which makes it the ultimate statement piece. It's a slim fit tailored jacket with two chest pockets and button up front. The best part however, has to be the interior lining, it's a bright red paisley pattern, so even when your not wearing the jacket it will still look sweet thrown over a chair!

A big shout to Phix for being the first brand taking to take a chance on me and my blog and gifting me this jacket. If you want to check this jacket or their other killer garments out for yourself I've left a link to their website below.



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