Last week I visited Manchester for the day and here's where I hung out. Manchester a city where I really must spend more time. I say that to myself everytime I visit, but I really need to come back more often. After a two-hour train journey from Durham, I needed my coffee fix to set me up for the day. The previous night I'd done a little digging on Instagram for the places I wanted to go and made a rough plan. The first on my list was The Foundation Coffee House.

TFCH is a coffee shop/bar with the most stylish interior. Found bang in the middle of Manchester's Northern Quarter it's one of the coolest places to grab a tasty coffee. The Northern Quarter has the best of everything, vintage stores, record shops, independent restaurants and a selection of the killer bars on every street, all oozing that cool youthful look. Think of it like Manchester's equivalent to Brick Lane.

Independent coffee shops these days have some of the best-designed interiors around and this place is no different. It's monotone colour palette throughout gives this place a very cool vibe. The shop's single bulb lights, b&w tiling and polished concrete surfaces fit perfectly with the Northern Quarters aesthetic. At TFCS they pride themselves on their technical excellence and precision of handling the coffee from sourcing to your cup. They also offer a wide selection of healthy ethically sourced juice and food, the brownie I had with my espresso was top notch.

📍The Foundation Coffee House Sevendale House, Lever St, Manchester M1 1JB

As I mentioned your never too far away from a vinyl store in the Northern Quater and the two best Manchester has to offer are only a short walk apart from one another. The first being this little beauty, Vinyl Exchange. Opened in 1988 VE is now one of the biggest buyers and sellers of rare vinyl and records in the north-west. You can imagine the shop looking exactly the same back then as it is now, a dark basement full of the best vinyl around.

📍Vinyl Exchange 18 Oldham Street M1 1JN

Another must visit record shop has to be Piccadilly Records. Piccadilly Records opened in 1978 and over the years has won countless awards. Including The Best Independent Record Store & The World's Best Shop. You've got to admit if they're winning awards like that, it's definitely worth a peek. They stock everything from Indie Rock to Psych both on vinyl and CD, I imagine if you can't find what you're looking for in PR you won't be able to find it at all!

Piccadilly Records is also right opposite a sweet bar named Night And Day, well worth checking out, I mean what goes better than beer and record shopping?

📍53 Oldham St, Manchester M1 1JR

After all that vinyl shopping I met back up with my mate and we headed to get something for lunch. What more could two slightly drunken people want more than good ol northern pie and mash?

This pie shop wasn't your normal pie shop, It was way better than that! Pieminister was filled with the best pies imaginable. Everything from your classic beef and gravy to your more unusual fish pie with Hake Salmon and Prawns. The range of award winning pies was extensive, you could even choose sides! After a few pints, this place was literally heaven!

📍Pieminister 53 Church Street, Manchester M4 1PD

After our lunch, we hit a few more bars and looked around Manchester finally hitting Jimmy's bar. Jimmy's is an awesome bar full of that rock 'n' roll character. At this point in the day beer no longer sufficed, as the last drink we had in the previous bar was Absinthe! Walking into Jimmy's we were doused in red light as we entered the bar. The whole set up is very cool with the neon lights and artwork on the walls. The particular neon that caught my eye was the 'started a fire' sign which hangs behind the bar, it's a nod to the first album of the band One Night Only who's band members own Jimmy's. We took a seat downstairs on one of their large chesterfield sofa's as we kicked back and ordered two drinks, "anything with rum in".

Jimmy's bar is a pretty sweet place to kick back and enjoy some awesome drinks while listening to some killer tunes. Everyone inside was also super friendly, it's definitely a bar to be put at the top of your list if you ever find yourself in the Northern Quarter!

Jimmy's holds different nights every week everything from poetry reading to comedy and even the odd gig for good measure. I can't really remember leaving Jimmy's but I know I'd definitely be back. We then staggered toward the train station buying more 'refreshments' for our journey back home. I had an awesome day in Manchester and can't wait to go back soon. Hopefully, I won't leave it as long as the last time!

📍Jimmy's NQ 12 Newton St, Manchester M1 2AN

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  1. Awesome. I need to go visit Manchester. I’m obsessed with all of the cool bands that came out of there. Cool info for when I go and visit, thanks!