Bandanas have been a part of my wardrobe for years, so today I’ve decided to write a small blog all about them. This post will hopefully give you a little inspiration to style a bandanna into an outfit of yours.

Bandannas have been around for over two hundred years, originally made in the U.S.A and first used to promote George Washington's campaign to be president. They were also used to commemorate special occasions and were heavily used to advertise. Slogans and pictures were cheaply printed on squares of cloth by companies. At the time they were known as “little banners” which grew in popularity as people started to wear them, eventually leading them to being called bandannas.

History lesson over, I’ll tell you a little more about my collection. I bought my first bandanna for practical use, to keep my hair out of my face at night. Now bandanas are a crucial part of my look and a key wardrobe essential. Bandannas are really useful when styling an outfit up, giving you that little extra touch of personality, alternatively they can be worn to give a pop of colour to an outfit. I have a few different bandannas in my wardrobe now, ranging from the classic black & white print, to a selection of plain block colours.

There are so many ways to actually wear a bandanna, so there’s a good chance you’ll find one that suits you! They can be worn around your head, neck, threaded through the loops on your jeans, on your wrist, or even tied to a bag. The possibilities really are endless! They're such a versatile piece. Head across to my Youtube channel where my latest video is all about this versatile accessory, including the many ways you can wear & style them. Here’s the link so you can check it out yourself.

You can pick up a bandanna from pretty much any shop, either in the mens or women's section, there’s no real difference at the end of the day, as these are just squares of material with a print or colour. A bandana is such a cool accessory to own in, especially if you get a variety of prints, colours and designs.

Here are a few of my favourite bandannas ranging from 99p to an eye watering £375


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