This year I've not really done the sales, saying that I never really 'do' the sales, I don't know how people actually do. I couldn't think of anything worse than going shopping days after Christmas! I'm one of those people who just sit back and wait tactically for a really good bargain to come along, then buy.

This year was exactly the same, that's until earlier this week. I've resisted the sales so far, as, to be honest, I've not really had the money. When I put together my sale wish list earlier this week on my YouTube I didn't really have the intention to buy anything, I just purely wanted to show you all whats out there sale wise. This as you may be able to tell, didn't go to plan. I came by something I couldn't resist! The item I bought was, surprise surprise from my favourite brand, The Kooples. What are the chances ey!

I fall for it every time. As I said I had no intention to buy something, this video was meant to be a pure "wishlist sale" (items I'd love to own)! However, The Kooples third markdown proved too good to withstand! As soon as I'd locked eyes on this amazing, vibrant red, tailored jacket with the coolest fastening I've EVER seen, I knew I had to get it! Just look at the detail of that silver skull button fastening! I bloody love it! Yes, I crumbled, my "wishlist sale" was no more, but how cool?

It wasn't as rash as you may think, the phone came out and calculations were made, but how could I not? Just look at it! I'll let you into a small secret too, I had a little store credit I'd kindly been given from The Kooples, which took a little more off the bill. It was an opportunity I wasn't going to pass! I've learnt my lesson from not buying items I love in the past and regretting it, so this time it was straight in the basket.

The fit of the jacket looks super sharp, it fits me in all the right places, plus being a vibrant red (a colour I love but sadly don't own much of) it's a valuable new addition to my wardrobe. I love the contrasting colour of the black leather piping around the neckline which highlights the pockets, adding that uber-cool rock & roll detail.

Today's YouTube I'm really proud of, it may be a long one, cough! 28 minutes cough! but if you like my style and have similar taste to me it's definitely worth a watch. This week's video is a pick of all my favourite items I've seen in the sales. Items from Zara, Asos, Topman, All Saints and finally The Kooples. Click below to watch and hopefully bag yourself a bargain too. I've made it easy for you if you do see anything that catches your eye - the link of the product can be found in the description.

Get a closer look at my jacket across on their website The Kooples.


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