So, here we are, another Wednesday calls for another post. Today I know exactly what I want to talk about. I officially joined the T.G.F gang at Christmas time. When I was kindly bought my first ring as a present from my parents. It was an awesome surprise when I saw that little black box resting on top of my rock 'n' roll biker jacket. But believe me, this has been a long time coming, as I've always been a huge fan of their rings and finally I was lucky enough to own one. Or now, lucky enough to own two!

Yes, I decided to buy another. I've waited 28 whole days for this beauty but it finally arrived yesterday. I ordered this ring the day after Boxing Day as the money I received over Christmas was well and truly burning a hole in my pocket! So the obvious option was to get another, right?

As I've said I'd not owned one of their rings until Christmas and that was down to pretty much one thing, that thing was sizing. Buying a ring which costs as much as one of their beauties you need to know it fits. The other rings I wear on my fingers were either given to me or bought like this one. I've collected them over a matter of years and all fit me, down to, believe it or not, luck.

I guess it's a lot easier to physically have a ring in front of you and to try it on before buying or to find a finger which it fits. However, when you're buying a ring without physically seeing or even trying it on, it's a lot more difficult!

The Great Frog has thankfully thought of this downside and either sell ring sizers through their website, offer a free resizing option after buying or sneak a sizer in the box with the ring you have chosen. This was dangerous for me as then I had something to actually measure my naked finger (a finger that has always been bare and ringless!) Finally, after measuring, I knew the size of this awkward finger and that's why I purchased my second T.G.F ring.

The whole look and colour scheme of my rings have always been a strict one. I've always stuck to a silver colour scheme throughout my jewellery, this, I feel looks thought about and consistent, not to mention super cool. My rings are a mix of delicate & finer rings with the odd chunky ring thrown in for good measure.

I wanted something special to wear on my last naked finger. I also wanted a ring with a pop of colour, but still in keeping with a silver band, possibly with a stone or focus point at its centre. I first saw this ring when I visited their shop in Carnaby Street over a year ago, but at the time didn't have the money to buy it. Looking across on their website I spotted it again, it was exactly what I was looking for. This small silver winged ring with a smooth, red, enamel heart at its centre is the perfect new addition to my killer collection.

The Great Frog originated in London in 1972 after forming from the emerging subcultures from the 60's. The new cultures of the punks & rockers plus the music influences coming out of the U.K and The States at the time have certainly inspired the brand and this is still what the brand encapsulates today. The Great Frog also has a list as long as your arm of enviable clients which have all bought or worn a Great Frog ring.

If you want to know more about my bejewelled fingers and the stories behind all the rings I wear every day, you'll be able to find out all this weekend on my YouTube. Or you can read my post about my other rings I wrote a few months back here.


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