Hey, I'll start things off by wishing you all a Happy New year! This is my first post of 2018, so since it's a new year I'm hoping to make a few changes, hence the title of this post - New Year, New Me.

This new year I've actually been excited about a fresh start, a new beginning. I've written a lot of ideas down already, they're actually pouring out my head at the minute, and I'm taking full advantage of that! I think it's because I've taken a conscious decision to become more organised in my life and to think positively.

One of the most helpful things I was given for Christmas was my diary. I have never been given a diary before but as my family have seen how much effort I've been putting into my blog, a little helping hand from a diary/organiser is just what I needed to give me that extra push.

This however, isn't any normal dairy. It's the best one I've come by. I spent a few hours on New Year's Eve filling in all the questions, and no, it's not your normal name, D.O.B and phone number. There are personal aims, yearly targets, work goals, along with inspirational quotes which are scattered throughout its thick glossy pages.

My new diary starts with a yearly reflection on last year. What you achieved, what moments were the best, lists for habits you want to make and a list of habits you want to break. It feels so good putting pen to paper, getting it all down, to see your thoughts in writing! This diary helps you idenitify what you achieved last year and your future goals for 2018.

It helps to put life into perspective, writing everything down has really worked for me. Its given me clear targets to work towards, on a short basis and in the long-term. I bloody love a good list, having a list and working through each target is so satisfying, getting this diary has made it so much easier to see what I've managed to do and what I've not yet acomplished.

Looking at habits I want to make or break has also made it a lot simpler to envisage what I want to get out of this year. I've started this year with a daily routine, not having one last year was hard. This year I'm going to be a lot more strict with myself. Including a wake-up call, exercise regime and meditation (something I've always wanted to do) plus room for more reading!

To sum it up, I'm feeling happy and positive, for pretty much the first time in my life, as I feel like I have a plan. January is not a time for those blues, it's a time to sort your shit out and get ready to seize every opportunity the year gives you. Bring on 2018!

To get your own Kikki. K diary click here, it's not too late, it's only the third of January! There's a new video across on my YouTube channel now of me checking in and showing you my new set-up. Click below to watch.


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