Evening guys, it’s the middle of the week again! I've spent an awesome long weekend back home, relaxing and chilling out with my family. I've been lucky enough to have taken some much needed time out.

Anyway, back to tonight's post, I want to talk about something which is integral to my blog and which always runs alongside each blog post of mine. My Instagram account. It’s such a huge part of how I promote my brand and my blog, it's how I share my content with my followers. I do have a love / hate relationship with the app, as does everyone else at the moment, due to Instagram's changing algorithm! But I can tell you this, the app has opened so many doors for me!

I remember joining Instagram very late in the game, my friends were telling me about this new app again and again, until finally I joined back in back in 2010! What a journey I’ve been on since my very first post! This is something I’ve never really talked about before on my blog, and I have no idea why not!

Everything from making friends, finding out the best places to visit in a new city, exploring new places to eat. I use the app for pretty much everything! Instagram really has opened my eyes to what is possible and obtainable out there in the world, all through a mobile phone.

I have always been one of those people who super is active on Instagram. I really care about my Instagram feed, I realise this is all but material however I generally enjoy creating content and making my page look the best it can. I have a go-to filter, I have a colour scheme and I always aim to achieve a consistent look, conveying my personality through the images I post. 

I’ve always cared about what I share on the app since day one. This was back when I thought I’d broken Instagram when the likes changed from peoples' handles to an actual number. YES, YOU HEARD CORRECTLY 11 LIKES. I mean I had a lot to learn, now,I can tell you it’s a little more different! 

I plan out my Insta feed meticulously. I take into account my upload timings, as well as take into consideration which post compliment one another on my feed. I know, its an obsession, an addiction even! However in this post I’m going to discuss the app from more of a self branding aspect. The Instagram account I use now, was initially created as a platform portray my personal style, without exposing my identity (hence the unidentified part), I mean what an idea ha! This was the Instagram I used for a short time when no one knew it was me, that’s until my friends found me, then it sort of turned into my main account. Even though I've had my Instagram account for a few years now, I've only started taking it more seriously, since I started my blog 15 months ago. I’ve always liked the name of my alternative account 'The Unidentified Rocker' it just has something to it, I still think it sounds cool, that's my pseudonym and I’m so happy I've stuck by it and built my blog around the name.

I didn’t think this post would be long, but I’m sitting here now with my laptop in front of me and I have so much more to say on the topic, it’s pouring out! I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not as it’s only an Instagram account, but I feel as though I have a lot to say on the matter. I’ve talked about the topic more this week on my YouTube channel. I’m going to stick to the positives for now, then maybe in a few weeks time do a post on the apps negatives. I’d really like to know your outlook on Instagram too!

Batteries recharged I'm ready to head back to Manchester, I'm really looking forward to getting back out there, as the last few weeks I've been a bit of a recluse. I've got a lot of things on with work this week along with thinking of blog post ideas. I'm visiting London this weekend which I'm very excited about indeed, it's been too long since I last visited!

Stay tuned in via my Instagram @theunidentifiedrocker and I'll speak to you guys again Sunday.


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