May I introduce to you - The Ruby Jacket. This is the jacket I've been so excited about! I mean just look at it, and wait  until you see the lining. I think you'll agree with me in saying it looks bloody cool.  This is the new jacket from Phix Clothing, which drops on their website tomorrow.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on the very first one made, perks of the job right? We shot this jacket on Thursday in Manchester city centre, on one of the hottest days of the year so far. It really was perfect weather to shoot our new season garments. This is my favourite new item from the days shoot, and possibly my all time favourite Phix piece.

This jacket is right up my street, I've never seen anything like it, well except on the likes of Keith Richards or Mick Jagger in the early 70's! What I'm trying to say is I've never seen anything similar to this on the high-street. In my opinion this jacket encapsulates what Phix Clothing is all about, rock and fucking roll, by pushing the boundaries of classic vintage styling and contrasting patterns including zebra, tiger and leopard prints. By combining a  diverse range of  prints Phix has created this stunning statement piece.

The jacket has a 100% cotton shell, which is thick and substantial, a velvet collar and bright red satin lining. It's gone straight up there as one of my favourite jackets in my wardrobe. It looks and makes you feel so bloody cool when you wear it and believe me, grabs the attention of a room when you walk in. It really is one of the coolest statement jackets I own and that's not me being biased.

It has three golden zips integrated into the jacket, a central zip and two more which close the hand pockets. It's one killer piece and I love it. I think the photographs look amazing too, animal print always looks killer doesn't it? I'd love to know your opinions on the jacket. You can talk a closer look at the Ruby Jacket across on my YouTube video by clicking below.

Click here to check Phix Clothing out.
Photographs by Deniss Gimbickis


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