Finally I'm beginning to feel better! I felt pretty bad by not posting anything on my blog last Wednesday too. I mean I bloody love my blog, I adore writing and creating my posts for you all to read, so not sharing anything on Wednesday made me feel a whole lot worse.

As you can see tonight, I'm back and what a post I have in store for you all! It features this shirt, possibly one of the best bargains I've ever found. I spotted a colleague at work wearing this shirt and I couldn't resist asking him where he'd found it. He told me it was by a brand called Menace, which I'd not heard of at all! It turns out to be the male version of Missguided...

As you can imagine, it's the sort of site which you really need to search through. I can assure you, if you have a little time on your hands, you'll be able to scout out a hidden treasure in amongst the rest of their garments. I mean, look how cool this star print shirt is! I own another star motif shirt from Asos, however this new addition beats the old one which is hanging in my wardrobe. I really love the design, the star detailing is the perfect size and the quality of the of the shirt is great too!

As you all know, I love a statement shirt, I think this one is right up my street! I've styled the shirt in with my signature look, I feel this shirt can be styled effortlessly, not only into my wardrobe, but yours too! I also decided to pair this shirt with my star print scarf, I was unsure if this would work, since both items were the same motif however, I think I can just about get away with it! It brings that extra touch to the outfit, making it look even cooler! I've not mentioned the best part of this look, yet. This shirt was £9.10. I know, what a strange price! It was originally £45, reduced to £13 and I then managed to get a further 30% off. Hello Bargain! 

What do you all think of the shirt? I'd also love to know if you've found any great bargains recently. View the star print shirt online by clicking here. Also you can check this weeks chatty YouTube out which also includes a closer look at this killer shirt!


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