Happy Easter guys, I'm writing this post at home as I've headed back to spend the long bank holiday weekend with family and friends. I've returned home quite a few times since moving, however, this last stretch in Manchester has been the longest I've spend away. I can't tell you how good it feels to be back!

Today's post is just a little check in, as I feel I've been none stop for the past week. This has sadly taken its toll on me, as on Friday I was struck down with tonsillitis! The plan was to get photographs as I normally do, but I've literally spent the entire weekend on the sofa suffering and watching films! Great timing, right? 

I did manage to get to the pub yesterday, but only for a very short time, and sadly only being able to drink lemonade! What a bank holiday this has turned out to be! Since I've not managed to be out and about, sadly I don't have any photos as I'll save you the horror of seeing me like this.

With illness holding me back from my normal routine, I thought I'd talk about the content I've been creating at work. I wanted to show you and talk about some of the look videos I've made in the office over the past few weeks. I've always loved working on my look videos, shooting a garment in the coolest possible way, in and around some personally scouted locations in Manchester City centre. I choose the locations based on the narrative they tell and I always make sure to choose an environment which ensure the garments look their best.

Adding a heavy guitar riff is a signature touch of mine, as a catchy backing track complements the video, making it sound as cool as it looks. I also love filming in black and white as it has that timeless style, I feel it makes my films ooze that rock 'n' roll feel which is perfect for the brand. I edit most of my videos on final cut pro, which I'm finally getting to grips with! I'd love to know what you all think.

Click the link to watch my favourite three films I've created over the last month. If you want to see more of my look videos follow @phixclothing on Instagram or subscribe to their YouTube channel.


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